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Jun 21, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 70?

Nancy felt much better this morning. So, we were off to Tahoe about 9 a.m. and had breakfast in a great little restaurant. Jay is a loving son-in-law and always looks after Dorothy.
I waited in the truck while they had breakfast. When they came out, Nancy said she just couldn't have me at Tahoe and not let me in to swim. She put a ball in her pocket and we went to the dog beach. What fun! I can't believe that I got to swim in Lake Tahoe!

There was this cute little 11 week old puppy named Sammy. He is a Yorkie and everyone fell in love with him--even me. Here's a picture of Elaine holding him.
He was so tiny, but had such a big personality! He would run up to the edge of the water and then jump straight up and backwards when a little wave came in.
The water was actually too shallow for me to swim, but I had fun chasing the ball, anyway.

It's hard to see the mountains in the distance, but they still had a lot of snow on them.
Nancy made me come out and rest. There was a picnic table and they were all sitting around it talking and I was eating grass. Nancy kept telling me to stop, and I should have listened because all of a sudden it all came back up and made a huge mess. It's a good thing Nancy always carries all those pink bags with her (Jay said he was impressed at how efficiently she cleaned up). After that we got back in the truck and started to go down via the Mt. Rose Highway. We had come up another way so that we could see more scenery. We stopped to look out over the lake. It was beautiful.
There really isn't much to say as the pictures speak for themselves.


Tomorrow, we're headed to meet bj in California at the American River. Nancy has a lot of work to do in the morning, but she was just too tired to tackle it. She has had so much advice about the best way to get there, what roads are bad and what roads are good and no one agreeing, and worst of all, no one agreeing with the GPS. She'll have to study the map in the morning. We think it's about a 2 1/2 hour drive, but we're not sure.

This was an exciting day for John and Lisa and Kellie--there was a bear in the backyard of their cabin! Great luck that this was the week they decided to spend up there. If they ever come west, they will love it.

I thought a lot about Rich, today. Even though he was my owner and not really my Dad, he was so good to me and Lizzie that I don't think he'd mind if I thought about him on Father's Day. We all miss him so much.