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Jun 22, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 72

We have no pictures for today. Driving to Morin County was a nightmare. There was an accident on the interstate (one reason Nancy hates interstates) and we sat still for over an hour), but let me digress. We woke this morning to the beautiful sound of the river. Nancy fed me and I drank a whole bunch of water. We went for a walk and I threw everything up. Nancy brought me back to the trailer and gave me some medicine and let me rest for a while. Then, we went for another walk and we enjoyed all of nature's beauty in the park. Nancy didn't bring the camera because she just wanted to enjoy the walk. We were already hooked up so we could wait until the last minute to get in the car.

When we were getting ready to leave, Nancy checked the tires and the lights like she always does and the left tail light didn't work. She had to remove it and replace it with one of the spare bulbs she carries. It didn't take all that long before we were ready to leave. She stopped to say goodbye to Shawn (I think I said this in another post, but oh, well). 

The GPS told us after a long tiring drive that we were at the RV park. We weren't. We were just in awful traffic that was unforgiving--very hard to make turns or change lanes. Nancy was completely turned around so she pulled into a shopping center so she could go back to the trailer to look on her computer and call the RV place. She got the number and came back to the truck and the doors were locked. She panicked and went running off into a store. The car was running with the AC on and--she always makes sure that I'm cool. I could see her through the window of the store and people gathering around. What was happening is she was asking if anyone was an AAA member, and if they were would they give her the emergency number to call. One man was and the man who worked in the store dialed the number. Nancy talked to the lady who happened to catch the AAA guy who helps people as he was on the ramp near the shopping center. Nancy ran out and within 2 minutes, the window was opening. She thanked him and he looked at her and said, "What's in your hand?"  KEYS!!  THE EXTRA SET OF KEYS!! Nancy apologized, but he laughed and said not to worry about it--he thought it was funny. Nancy had already given him some money because he was so nice, and she knows he doesn't have to report it. She asked him if he knew where the Marin RV Park was and he said, "Follow me." He even put his flashing lights on and stopped when cars got between us. He took her right to the park. We had a full blown escort to the RV park!!

The day wasn't over yet, though. Nancy never has any problem unhitching, guessed it, today was the day. She did everything she could think of. The man next door, Charlie, came over to help. He said he'd never seen it happen where the thing wouldn't slide off--they both worked at it for 15 minutes or so, and finally it let loose.

Whew...can finally rest. Nope, Nancy lost her keys. She always puts them on the counter right next to the door. They weren't there. She knew she had them because the cover to the truck was locked. She tore the trailer apart to find them. No luck. She looked in the truck a dozen times--everywhere. No luck. Then, one final time, she went out and they were right in plain sight on the driver's seat. Amen. We're in for the night, now. Paul is coming over tomorrow. Nancy will be happy to see him. Charlie, next door, is insisting that Nancy has to see the city, but she won't go without me. She said she'll drive through it--no need to park. The ferry is only 10 minutes from here so it's a good location though they stuck us in a spot with permanent residents with no space at all. Nancy thought they charged her full price, but they didn't so she went back to correct it. They gave her a deal, but it was still over-priced. Nancy said she didn't want to make waves because they could tell her they have no space, and they did take her a day early, so it's okay--and it was a good thing she didn't say anything. There's a young girl on the other side of her named Suzanne--she's very nice. She was out when we arrived, but she said she always tells everyone to park as close to her as possible so they have room on the door side of the trailer. As it is, now, Nancy couldn't put the awning down if she wanted to. And Charlie said, "Don't put your outside light on--it's keep me awake." Nancy told him to yell over if she forgets because she's in the habit of putting it on. He's a character. He seemed to enjoy helping--he set the water up and the cable--even told her what channel she'd like. He said it will be safe here because Suzanne and he will look after Nancy and me.

Well, no pictures, but over the next couple of days we'll be scouting around for sure. There are some interesting places around here and we'll take pictures of Uncle Paul, tomorrow.

I think I'm losing my mind. I didn't proof read the last couple of posts until a little while ago when I spotted some errors. I can't find them, now. Oh well, a typo is a typo.