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Jun 11, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 61

Something has changed in Blogger and I'm unable to answer comments. They seem to be changing a lot of things, so maybe it's just temporary.

Susie and Nancy were saying this morning what a people dog Lizzie was compared to me. So, I didn't jump all over the place when I saw her--that doesn't mean anything. I'm glad she's here--I always have fun with her.

When Susie sleeps in the trailer, though, everyone knows it. She's such a tiny little thing, but she moves whole beds when she sleeps. Nancy fixed her a nice bed on the couch so she would be comfortable. The new mattress and pads, etc., she put on the couch were very neat until last night when Susie fell asleep. I wanted to get up on my usual spot at the bottom of Nancy's bed, but Susie's mattress was 3/4 off her bed and on my head so I couldn't jump up.

Susie's over taking a shower, now. She and Nancy are trying to decide what to do. It's going to be high in the 80s, today, actually cooler than Atlanta. They are going into Vegas. This time, they will bring the camera so that you can see what they see, and then maybe later they will go to the dam, again, and to Lake Mead just to take pictures.

Well, they decided to go to the strip. The temps weren't bad when we got there--finding parking was a bit of a chore and we had to park quite far away. Susan went shopping at the Miracle Mile and Nancy and I walked around taking in the sites. All of a sudden, it seemed, it turned hot. You would think they would sell water on every corner--they don't. She was getting overheated and so was I, but we finally found a guy selling water from a cooler--Nancy bought 5 bottles--highway robbery. I drank four bottles and Nancy drank one as we waited for Susan. Anytime we went in an elevator, I laid down and got some rest. Nancy started to panic and was getting dizzy. We didn't see one other dog all the time we were there, and now we know why. Fortunately, we were able to get back to the truck before the sidewalks got too hot for my paws. Some dopey woman saw Nancy taking a picture and asked if I was a seeing eye assistance dog. DOH. The last thing Nancy needed was some little itch complaining that Nancy was taking up too much of a parking space. Nancy was inside the lines. When she parked, there had been another car over the line on the other side. Nancy told the little witch that she'd have to wait until we were ready to leave and that there were plenty of other parking spaces. Susan thought she heard her say she was sorry once she saw that Nancy really was in the lines. Las Vegas is a feast for the eyes, but it's hard for humans to have a dog with them because they can't do anything except take pictures outside. Nancy took a lot of pictures, but put a few here so you get the idea of how busy it is in the city. Nancy and I would rather be in Durango.

Susan liked the city and Nancy told her to take the truck and go back, but she doesn't want to. She wants Nancy to drive her and pick her up on the strip when she's finished. Nancy's afraid she won't be able to stop with all the traffic. Anyway, here are some pictures that Nancy took. We still may go to Lake Mead, but the dam will have to wait. I'm not allowed out of the car there, either, so it's hard to get pictures.

Blogger is really making me mad. I can't get the pictures the same size as I've been able to in the past. They're changing a lot of things--guess they never heard of KISS. Dopes.

I took the opportunity to rest any time we were on an elevator and we were on a LOT of elevators. Nancy forgot at one point, in one hotel, that I don't do escalators and she almost broke her neck.

Isn't it about time we went home?

We went back to drive the strip tonight to see the lights. We hadn't seen a fifth of it walking. SO MANY PEOPLE--TOO MANY PEOPLE. The lights were amazing--it seemed to go on and on and on. Nancy said she wouldn't want Susan down there at night by herself. She also said that she could foresee having to worry about drunk drivers. I wonder how much electricity it takes for all those lights--I thought we were supposed to be conserving energy?

We'll probably go to the Grand Canyon on Sunday and Susan also wants to go to the "Circle of Fire". Nancy looked up directions to the GC, tonight, it's 121 miles from here. I don't know about the other place, yet. I guess they'll let me know. Personally, I'd like to go somewhere to play ball and swim. Nancy thinks I don't know it, but I smelled the bag. She bought 6 balls from PetSmart, today. They are $2. each in Atlanta, but only 99 cents, here. She bought all that were left--they are the only kind of balls I like. Oh, yippee, I'm so excited.


  1. Jack - I'm glad Susan is with you now. Say hi to her for me. I enjoyed the pics of LV. Haven't been there in a very long time, lots of new things to see. Enjoy your time at the Grand Canyon. It's so incredible and photos definitely don't do it justice, but I know Nancy will try.....

  2. Nancy was within miles of the north rim and left. I don't know how much we'll be able to see from the west rim.

    Hope all is well.


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