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Jun 24, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 74

Today we took a ride to Uncle Paul's house. He lives in a very nice area, but there are no campgrounds nearby. It's a long drive and the people, here, are crazy drivers. I think the worst part of driving around here, though, is that the on/off ramps are very short.

We got here the first day after crossing over a big bridge. We didn't pay a toll. Uncle Paul says all the bridges have toll booths. Hmmm...

When we got to Uncle Paul's, we went out for lunch. Nancy felt like having a patty melt, but they didn't have one, so she got a delicious omelette. Nancy tried to explain to Paul that there are things she can't do because she's traveling with me. She knew she wouldn't be able to leave me in the yard and go in the house. She was right. I panicked and wanted to find her when she went into the house to use the bathroom--I put a hole in the porch screen door. Nancy offered to pay for it, but Uncle Paul said it was okay-he never uses the porch. She thought he was mad, but he said he was just sad because there were things he wanted to show her in the house. He gave her some very pretty pictures of their Mom when she was young. Nancy said she'd send Aunt Judy a copy. Some, she said, she wouldn't have recognized.

The weather is beautiful. It's so nice and cool. Uncle Paul says he likes it a bit warmer.

We just got back from our evening walk. Nancy took some pictures of some of the things we see along the way. She is so tempted to spend the money to buy another lens, but she really can't justify it.
This is the bridge we cross. There's a wall that has traffic on the other side that's a little scary, but if we want to go to the ferry, we have to cross the bridge.
This is the obsolete draw bridge that we pass.

The bright yellow spot is the setting sun shining off San Quentin Prison. What a view, huh?
I've always heard about the gold hills of San Francisco. We've only seen a small part of the area--that's right where we're staying. We did see some water going over a bridge to Uncle Paul's, but Nancy can't really look because of the traffic.
This is the ferry parking lot.
There are little houses along the bay--well, really a canal that probably cost in the millions. Marin County is the most expensive county in California, so you can imagine what waterfront property costs.
You might be able to see San Quentin a little better. We saw a sign on the way home, today--I guess we could get closer.
This is the sign that Susan will see in the ferry parking lot.

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