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Jun 12, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 62

Susie is in Las Vegas. Since it's not a good place for me, Nancy told her to go ahead without her. Earlier we went to Pahrump, a place Nancy has heard about for years. Like most places in the desert, it was a disappointment, but we really didn't go where Nancy wanted to go because Susan was bored. So, we went back to the campground.

Susan likes to shop and wanted to see the water show at one of the hotels, so Nancy told her to go and enjoy herself--just be careful. They enjoy different things about travel. Nancy and I just got back from a long walk--it's fairly cool outside. It's surprising when the breeze picks up in the afternoon

On the way to Pahrump, we saw rain!! Not much, but enough to make Nancy watch out for flash floods. We're not looking forward to the ride from LV to Reno. Nancy plans to leave early in the morning to avoid the inevitable wind. We'll stay overnight in either Tonopah or Hawthorne (I think it is), but stay hooked up so we can leave early. Nancy has reservations for three days in Reno so she can spend some time with Aunt Dorothy. Then, hopefully, we'll be on our way to meet bj for a couple of days of camping. When we get to Marin County, we'll see Paul on and off, but mostly relax in what we hope is GREEN country. We've had it with desert.

Nancy's concerned that Susie won't enjoy the trip up the coast of Oregon; and therefore, she won't enjoy it, either. Nancy loves the scenery--I guess there are some little shops, etc., that Susie would like, and it's cool enough for me to go and walk with them--there are some cute little fishing towns along the way. Susan wants to spend a few days in Portland. If Michael doesn't come out, Nancy will probably head back down the coast - just the two of us. She'd like to spend some more time in Newport, Hebo, etc.--she and Rich used to love it there. Then, maybe we'll go up through the state of Washington. Everything is up in the air for now. It'll shake out as we go.

We're anxious to get back to places where we can play ball, swim and walk in pretty places.

Susie read earlier that at Hoover Dam at night, they put lights on to make it quite a sight. It's unfortunate that they forgot the camera the first day, but then since they won't allow me out of the car on the dam, it would have been hard to take pictures.

Susie is a grown woman, but Nancy still worries about her walking around a city by herself, and driving the truck--she's not used to it. Nancy just realized that she forgot to tell her how to set the GPS to get back! I imagine she'll call if she has any problems.

Nancy just heard from Susie. She's on her way home. She had a good time shopping, and she went to the Venetian and Belusia (sp?) so she's happy. We're happy because we're going out for another walk. Nancy's been trying to think of a place to play ball. Earlier we walked all around the campground. This is a BIG place. By the time you walk up and down all the roads, it's probably more than a mile. It's a shame there was a perfectly good pool with no one in it, but as always, no dogs allowed. Sheesh.

Nancy and I went for another walk and when we got back, Susie was home. We went to dinner in old town Boulder City...well, the went to dinner. Then, they decided to see what the dam looks like at night. It really is cool. Looks like something from a scifi movie. The roads are terribly marked around here. Many don't have center lines. Nancy said she really doesn't like to drive at night when she doesn't know where she's going. Susie said, "I'll drive." Nancy said, "No, I'm even a worse passenger at night when I can't see where I'm going." We got home fine.

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