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Jun 25, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 75?

When we woke up this morning, Nancy's neck was hurting worse than ever, and much stiffer. She couldn't turn at all. She took me for a walk, then came back and went to stand in the hot shower after taking some Aleve. She decided it wasn't going to feel any better staying at the trailer, so we went to Sausalito. It's only about 7 miles from here, but the highways are terrible. Nancy isn't afraid to drive anywhere, but the people around here will not give you any room to get on and off. We noticed, as we were driving, the cars are all small--no SUVs, no pick ups other than the few business trucks that we saw.

Well, we walked around and it's a really neat place. We walked down by the docks. That was our favorite part.

As if we need a reminder.

We ran into a group of lazy tourists. We've never seen this before.

Birds and flowers:

Then, we walked up to the town past the shops. The first road we went up, which was the wrong road, was the steepest hill we've ever been on (not counting the mountains) and so narrow. After driving around for a while, we got back to the town. Nancy took so many pictures, it's difficult to pick a few that we like. The houses are all terraced on the hills. The roads are very narrow and windy to get up to them--no wonder they all have small cars.
Look how steep this road is, and it isn't nearly as steep as the road we first went up.
These are views from the houses higher up on the terraces. So pretty.

Nancy put me in the truck so she could grab a sandwich. She found a little deli-restaurant, and the food was delicious, she said.

She came back to get me out of the truck and we walked some more. There are cute little shops and restaurants.

She took so many pictures--nothing can do the scenery justice, though.

Some of the homes on the higher terraces were covered in fog. When we rode up there, it was a little hairy. The truck's hood is so high that Nancy can't see the road in front of her--add fog to that... At one point when we were going up a very steep point (I was plastered against the back seat), I heard her say under her breath, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." I also heard her sigh of relief when we found our way down!

On the way home, Nancy saw a car wash. Everything is more expensive here. It cost $20 for the car wash, and even after telling Nancy they would get it spic and span when she asked about the sap, they couldn't get it off (it's been washed several times). The truck was run through the wash--it's cleaner, but Nancy doesn't think it will ever be the same. The guy was telling her the sap will damage the paint--she said, "Then wash it off--that's what I'm here for." He said the wash couldn't do it, but for $200..."

We were going to go to Muir Woods, but there was only a shuttle that would take us there, and no, dogs aren't allowed.

Tomorrow, we are meeting Uncle Paul and his friend, Betty, in Sausalito by the ferry. We will have to get there early because we didn't see the ferry dock and Uncle Paul doesn't want to walk up to the town. He has to be back on the ferry sometime after 2 p.m. The only restaurant that's near the water that Nancy saw is the Spinnaker, and it's a pretty pricey restaurant, but it's supposed to have good views of the city and the bridge.

Well, it's time for our evening walk, and I'm anxious to go. We'll probably have more pictures, tomorrow.

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