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Jun 15, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 65?

We took Susie to the airport, today. I was sorry to see her leave. So was Nancy. She took me for a walk before we left. Nancy told me not to be sad, I'll see her, again, in a few weeks.

The ride to the airport wasn't bad. In fact, once we knew the right airport, it was probably closer than the airport in Atlanta is to our house.

Nancy has been busy preparing to get on the move. The wash is done, and she has cleaned the inside of the trailer. It's kind of hard to clean when the couch is in the down position.

Nancy followed Susie's flight on the internet from Las Vegas to Atlanta. It was really neat to do--you can see where the plane is on the map and how many miles they are from the destination and the altitude. Then, they send you an email when the plane lands. She'll use it when Susie flies to San Francisco, too!

She emptied the tanks, got gas, and backed the truck in. She said she'll probably hook up, tonight, then go get a shower so that we'll be ready to hit the road as early as possible

Nancy said she'll be glad to leave Las Vegas. She doesn't like cities, and wouldn't be going to another except that she's going to see Rich's sister for a few days. She has a reservation in Sparks NV which is very close to Reno. The temps look much better up there. She's hoping to hook up with a WAC friend between Reno NV and Marin County CA and maybe camp a day or two. While camped in Marin County, she'll visit with her brother, Paul, which she's anxious to do, and then Susan will arrive on the 2nd. While she's visiting Paul, she'll scout around to see the places she thinks Susan will enjoy, and also drive to the country. We'll be on the move once Susan arrives. First to Monterey where we'll stay in a hotel (hot dog!), then back to Marin County for two days so Susan can see some of San Francisco, and then up the coast of Oregon.

Sorry, no pictures, today. Oh, wait (groan), she's got the camera out. It's been a lazy day for me. I was outside this morning, but the heat, today, is brutal so I've been relaxing on the bed.
I'm not looking.
Okay, I'll make a goofy face.
Borrriiinng without Susie here.
Leave me alone or take me for a walk.
I'm ignoring you and your dumb camera.


  1. Well, thank you, Ms. T. but Nancy drives me crazy with the camera. Say hi to my pals, Molly and Jazz for me.


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