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Jun 10, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 60

Two months. Susan has not taken off, yet. Something was wrong with the engine, but it's fixed, now. We decided after our escapade, yesterday, that it would be best for her to take a cab here. Nancy said, if any airport could be more confusing than Atlanta, it's McCarren. She never even saw the word Delta and because we had gone to the wrong airport to begin with, the dry run was a waste of time because we approached it from a different direction.

The breeze is really great and it's very pleasant sitting out here. The weather forecast has come down from tripple digits to high 90s--bearable, but it's not even close to that, now.

Nancy went down to take a shower last night, and was so looking forward to it. The door was locked! She thought it was strange, but dragged her dirty self back to the trailer. Got up first thing this morning and went down--still locked, but there was a lady cleaning the men's room. She asked her if she had a key. Nancy said no, and she said, "Oh, you'll have to go to the office and get a key, but I'll let you in." Thank goodness. Besides looking like Sasquatch with her hair--well, we won't go into it. She did call a lady who will cut her hair, but couldn't make a time with her because she didn't know what time Susan was going to arrive.

Nancy and I are sitting outside--why do I think I already said this. Susie's flight is obviously late. We're so anxious to see her.

Nancy switched from the computer to reading, outside. The weather really is beautiful. Then, she asked me who asked me about the number of books she's read. I said I thought it was Barbara--something distracted her and she never answered.

Right now she's reading another Patterson--don't know how many she's read of him so far. These are the type of books she likes to keep in the car so she can pick them up and read if she has to wait for anything. One story runs into another--Same for Cornwell and Sheldon's book--she calls them "idiot's delight" reading. She just finished "Queen of the Road" the other night which was very good--funny. Every now and then she picks up "Out of Africa", but she puts it down because Robert hasn't appeared, yet, plus she has a difficult time reading two books at once. Her Mom used to do it all the time--she wishes she could do it.

Susie is here! We had a good time only we forgot to bring a camera! Well, really, we didn't expect to go--we went food shopping and then Nancy was going to show Susie Old Town Boulder City.

First, we went to Lake Mead where I went swimming. I didn't like this lake as much as the others because the bottom was very rocky and I really couldn't swim until I got far out because it was shallow. Then, we went to see Hoover Dam, and then Nancy and Susie went to a restaurant called Milo's and I was allowed to sit with them on the sidewalk while they ate. The flies were terrible and they were driving me nuts so when she was finished eating, Nancy took me back to the truck while Susan finished her wine and paid the bill (pretty good maneuver, Nancy).

We will go back with the camera. The terrain around the Dam is incredible. I think we'll have a lot of fun. Tomorrow, though, we're going into Vegas. Susie wants to do some shopping. We'll have to see it at night, too.

Well, Wilson, I'm signing off because I'm watching housewives for the first time since we watched it, together. I'm totally lost--have no idea what's going on except they are all nuts.


  1. Hope all went well with getting Susan and that you have a stellar time!!!

  2. Thank you, Anon! Susan arrived by cab and we are having a nice visit.


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