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Jul 31, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 111?

This is a lazy day. We wore ourselves out, yesterday. It's tempting to go back over to Cape Lookout--maybe later, but Nancy said she thinks it might be crowded. Blah to that. We were walking this morning and Nancy said, "You know, it's hard to pull myself away from this place. How about you?"

Maybe we'll take a ride to Pacific City. Nancy is hoping kids have gone back to school and there will be fewer people. Right now, though, we're just layin' aroun' doin' nuttin'.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. When Nancy was in Oil Can Henry's the other day, they told her that her truck was a 2004. She said, "No, I bought it as a 2003." The guy said they made a mistake when they advertised it because on the permanent door panel, it says 2004 and also on something in the engine. Nancy felt she got a good deal, but now she says she's got an even better deal. Even her registration says 2003. She hopes they've been servicing it correctly--even Dodge has records saying 2003. When she bought it, the truck was like brand new--even when she left because she had all maintenance done on time and had it detailed each year--the last detail being just before she left. Poor thing has really taken a beating--mostly from the sand and stones being thrown up from the road. When she and Susie were in California a piece of wood flew off a truck and stuck right in the front grill. Fortunately, it's running fine.

Well, aside from walking locally a few times, today, we have nothing to report. Tomorrow, we'll get an early start and see where we wind up. I like to sit by the window by the couch and see what's going on in the campground. Nancy opens the window and shade a little so I can see. She asked me if I saw Susie earlier and I got all excited.


  1. I know a few school systems here in N GA are starting back to school tomorrow, but most schools are later in Aug or early Sept. I know its been a long time for you or your kids, Nancy, but I don't think you're going to get a break from crowds and kids for a bit yet.

    Lunch-when you get back.....hopefully BEFORE Oct.!

  2. Yeah, I was afraid of that. I've decided to take off Thursday and head up the Washington Coast, try to take the ferry over from Port Townsend to Whidby Island and they Route 2 over to Idaho. They do allow dogs on the ferry, but for trailers they suggest reservations especially for trailers. I miss all my WAC(key) friends. ;-)

  3. Nothing like not proofing before sending. DOH


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