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Jul 27, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 107

Our plans changed for today. I am not feeling well. I have an upset stomach. Nancy called an emergency vet in Carlton, and they recommended one which is closer in Cloverdale. It seems that in the northwest, dogs can get sick from what they call salmon poisoning. They don't necessarily have to eat salmon, but if they sniff feces of a raccoon or another dog that's carrying the bacteria, they can get sick. It can be lethal so Nancy was really nervous.

It was confusing because I was eating something when Michael and the girls were here and Nancy tried to take it out of my mouth and I swallowed it so she was worried that I might have caused a blockage.

So, we went to the doctor. He looked me over, said my stomach was making noises when he listened. My temperature was only a half degree above normal and usually salmon poisoning will cause a fever of above 104 degrees, and nothing showed up in the slides, so he said he thought I had what they call "garbage pail pancreatitis".

Usually, I don't even know I get a shot, but the shot they gave me, today, really hurt and I cried. I cried when they took a sample, too. Nancy was practically crying because I cried, but they gave me a treat and I forgot all about it. The doctor said if I wasn't better in 48 hours that she should bring me back in. Oh, I don't want to see those people, again. I have to take three pills twice a day until then.

The vet was very close to Hebo which was where Nancy was going, today, but she decided not to go because the road is steep and curvy and she figured it would be better for me to come home to rest. The GPS brought us back on a nice route and we came across Whalen Island and a county park.

I actually feel okay. It didn't bother me to eat and I was anxious to get in the car and to take a walk. Now, I have to stay in bed for the rest of the afternoon, though. Oh, well, Nancy will pamper me, and maybe I can get some extra treats. I *think* I saw her hide some cheese--I bet it's for the pills!

We went for a very short walk, but Nancy made me get up and rest, again.

Nancy, could you bring me a little treat, please.

She just said, "Darn, I was going to call everyone to say hello, and it's already too late." The time difference gets us on both ends out here.

Here is a picture of  Whalen Island County Park. We only drove by it because Nancy wanted to get back home. It's amazing. There are parks at every bend in this area. She and Rich never really explored the backroads of Tillamook, they always went over to different areas of the coast. Nancy said she could spend another month here with no problem, but we want to get to see Ms. Mary in Idaho, and we still have to do Washington. Who knows. Maybe another week, though, if they have room. Nancy doesn't want to travel unless she knows I'm 100% better.