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Jul 17, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 96?

Nothing happened, today.


  1. Why the H-ll not?! Is it because of Nancy's neck? You and Susan need to tag team on her and get her to a doctor. Come here Jack, let me look at your ears..........

  2. Hi, Miss Gail!!! No, not her neck--She's having trouble with the ball and hitch and she's been having to improvise. We were waiting for an RV repairman who never showed. The front of the oven fell off when we were on a rough road coming over here. She says we may arrive home pulling four wheels behind the truck.

    Michael and the girls arrived, today. Susan leaves on Monday. Then, we're off to Washington State. Nancy is wearing sweatshirts and she's not ready to leave this weather!! Say hello to Mr. Paul for us.


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