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Jul 6, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 86?

As we were getting to leave this morning, Charlie came out to help Nancy. He's an amusing character. He and Susan were talking and he had her write down the best route to take going north. Originally, Nancy had planned to take 101 because it's not a "cliff hanger" and take side trips over to the coast until we got to Oregon. Oh, no. We went up the Pacific Highway. Nancy didn't realize what was going on, just followed the directions as Susan read them from her notes. Susan really enjoyed the scenery; the little I saw, I enjoyed, too, but Nancy's eyes had to be glued to the road. Steep hills and cork screw curves until we landed here in Ft. Bragg. We're going to see Mendocino, tomorrow, and probably a few other places within reasonable driving range. Nancy thinks there's a drive through the coastal redwoods somewhere in this area. There were so many photo ops, but Susan is like Rich was in that way. She'd rather see it than take a picture. Nancy was dying to get some of the shots, but oh, well, she was happy to be able to take the few that she could. What Susie doesn't get is that the driver can't see--just some of it. On US 1 in California, there aren't good turnoffs going north, and I'm glad we weren't traveling south. That is one scary drive. It's even too curvy and hilly for me to sleep.

I'm feeling better, today. I lost my original plastic bag, but Susan improvised with the bright pink "poop" bags and they really work well. I feel badly that I won't be able to walk for two weeks. Maybe the vet, on Thursday, will tell Nancy differently after he looks at my toe. I guess this type of injury is prone to infection, so I have to be careful.

The pictures are either of the ocean on one side of the narrow road OR on the other side. As you can see, Nancy didn't have much room for a mistake. There was an accident and emergency vehicles were flying past us at one other point. Nancy said that there are a lot of accidents on this road.

We pulled into Pomo Campground in Ft. Bragg--mostly because Nancy was tired and it seemed a good central location to do some exploring, tomorrow. The woman in the front office was a...well, I'm not allowed to use the word Nancy called her. They want 50 or 75 cents for three minutes in the shower. The woman told Nancy she most likely would have to come up to the office for wifi, which was advertised, but Nancy figured out how to get on because she went back up to the office and told the woman that she needed the name of the ISP. The woman said something sarcastic and handed her a paper. Nancy was sure the woman didn't think she could get on. Oh, and another thing--first time this ever happened. The only took cash or check and they charged $1.00 for me. Now where do you suppose that dollar goes. The campground review site will hear about this, so will Good Sam, and maybe even the IRS. They can get away with what they do because there are so few campgrounds along the highway except for state parks where there are no facilities or security. Anyway, here are the pictures. Tomorrow when Nancy only has the truck, she'll get more.

The Other Side of the Road

As we drove through Ft. Bragg we saw some pretty houses and these few things that Nancy took a picture of. Susie did use her camera, but Nancy hasn't downloaded any of her pictures because she doesn't know where it is and Susie is asleep already.

Too bad the wires were in the way.

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