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Jul 26, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 106?

This has been a busy day. We went to Tillamook to get the oil changed. We went to Oil Can Henry's. Nancy remembered Rich using them. They're all over the northwest. Nancy had a hard time not laughing--in fact, she laughed so hard she was crying at one point. Have you ever tried to stop laughing and can't? There was one guy up near the truck and one in the hole in the ground. The guy upstairs had on a white shirt and a bow tie. He handed out USA Today newspapers to everyone waiting in line. He was kind of dorky to begin with, but when he started shouting, "Oil level good, Check!, Oil cap tightened, Check! Windshield fluid full, Check!, Tire pressure 70, Check,! Air Filter in, Check!--an endless list of things, she lost it and had to hide behind her book. She got hold of herself just in time to hand him her card when he went over the bill, blow by blow, and I thought she was going to laugh all over, again. It's actually good. Some of these places, you have no idea whether they're doing what they say they're doing. They have cameras so you can watch the guy under your car and watch Mr. Dork do all his stuff, too. Wish we had a picture. When he threw the oil filter away, he said, "Disposing of old oil filter and very deliberately put it in the trash, Check!"; same with the air filter. John came to mind for some reason; I think if he had been in the truck with us, he would have been laughing so hard he would have been crying, too. And, lord help us, if we added Michael and Susan!!
Then we got the truck washed and then went to pick up a few items to try to fix a few things on the trailer.

All work and no play makes Jack a sad boy so Nancy set off to find Sand Lake Recreational Area. We found it by the sand dunes that Michael was so fascinated with. I had a feeling it had to do with the winter winds, but wasn't sure. It was interesting to read about. I think when we took the three capes scenic drive, we were on the other side of it.

The campground was closed, but we got out and walked for a while until we saw a sign that said, "Danger. Cougar spotted in the campground, recently." So back we went to the truck, fast.

Sand Beach Ocean Beyond

We found another area where we could see Sand Lake and over the sand bar, the ocean. We drove some more and found some dune buggiers. It's quite a sport out here, evidently. They even have sponsors.

The dunes go far up in the hills. It's a much bigger place than it seems, at first.

Some even appear to have sponsors.

When we got back to the trailer, the electric was off. It had been tripped at the pole. Glad we have a surge protector. Don't know what happened. Nancy put the couch back into it's position and a sheet over it so I could get up on it and now she has two mattresses on her bed. You'd think that would be more comfortable, but she says it really isn't, but it's the only place she can store the mattress. She also discovered that the dope at the car wash didn't take off the Flag decals so one is missing from the truck. :-(

If we have time, Nancy's going to do the quilt tour one day. The weather remains delightful, here. it's chilly in the morning. In fact, Nancy has to get some propane so the trailer doesn't go below 55 degrees.

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