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Aug 1, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 112?

We were up very early this morning. Nancy went and showered and then we went for a long walk. The phone service in this site is not as good as the last site, but this morning Nancy spoke to Susie for quite a  while before getting cut off so she decided to try to call Gail. They talked for a while (Nancy says she misses her friends), then she had to charge the phone. It must take more juice when calling long distance. Either that or it's time for a new phone. Anyway, Nancy and I are going somewhere, today. We're not sure where. We're saving another trip to Cape Lookout for tomorrow, so maybe we'll head to Pacific City and up the coast a ways.

We had a great day. We did go to Pacific City and took a long walk. Then, Nancy went to the Pelican Restaurant and Brewery to have a hamburger. (Rich, Susie, Michael, Keely, and Peyton have been there).  I waited in the truck. Nancy said the burgers taste better with company. That's why she usually packs a lunch and eats in the truck with me. She meant to get a picture of the sign, but forgot. She did get a picture of the restaurant from the beach.

Then, we went out on the beach. I didn't feel like playing ball, I just wanted to watch everything that was going on. Cape Kiwanda is the home of the Pacific Dory Fleet. Nancy wishes she had taken her movie camera or at least knew how to use the clip function on her camera. First, you hear them beeping their horn and then they come racing in toward land and they slide up on the sand out of the water. It is a riot to watch. Nancy tried to get one in stages, and then found a clip on the web.

Another Landing (Video)

I keep meaning to tell you that Michael told Nancy when he and the girls got home, he was watching "One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest" and part of it was filmed in Depoe Bay. Figures. We were in a zodiac boat and the waters weren't quite as rough, but our captain waited out in front of the harbor for the right moment to get in. You can see why, here.
Pulling into Depoe Harbor  (Video)Aren't you glad you didn't watch this before we went, Michael, Keely, and especially, Peyton?

Gosh, how Nancy loves the water. She's a wreck as a passenger in a car, but could ride waves all day long. For more videos of "fun on the water" do a search on You Tube. Nancy wishes she had known about Dory Days

Okay, back to the blog. I got carried away. Nancy took a lot of pictures (what else is new). I'll just put them here.

One going in

There were probably 10-15 of them at one time while Nancy watched from the restaurant.

Here comes another one. This guy came far up on the beach, but he was hidden behind the other boats and cars so Nancy couldn't get the picture she wanted.

Activity on the beach

Kids come barreling down these dunes like nuts. The waiter in the restaurant told Nancy that there have been quite a few injuries because hidden in the sand are sticks. Ouch

We had a great time watching everything around us, then all of a sudden, POOF everything was gone. Just that fast. Haystack Rock, the dunes, the boats by the water--FOG rolled in. That's what happened to us when we were whale watching, it was clear one minute and the next fog was between us and the coast. So, Nancy and I decided to move along to a new adventure. We didn't have far to drive when we came across another little sandy road. We parked, and look--another trail!

Oh, and there's water up ahead!

Everything looks very peaceful, but there are remnants of days when it's not so serene. Can you imagine how powerful the waves must be to throw this piece of wood up on the beach? It's a little hard to see, but in the background is a shroud of fog rolling in. Soon we weren't able to see that whole area, including the mountains.

All over the beach was netting that probably broke away from crab nets or fishing boats.
Oh, how we love this place. We came home to rest for a while, but will probably take an evening drive IF we don't fall asleep.

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