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Jul 3, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 83

Today we took the 17 mile drive along the coast after passing through Carmel. It's beautiful. In fact, the whole peninsula of Monterey is beautiful, but I think we chose the wrong weekend--it's wall to wall people. We got to see seals and the beautiful shoreline and the homes that the richest of the rich live in, and of course, Pebble Beach.

The weather is beautiful. Nancy and I went back to the truck because there were just too many people in Carmel. Susan didn't stay much longer. She said everything is very expensive. Nancy and Susie decided to have lunch in Monterey while I took a nap, and then go back to the hotel to get some rest. Nancy re-injured her neck so she's not feeling so hot--she got a heating pad hoping that it will help her like it did last week. She told Susan to take the truck and go wherever she wants, but Susie said she was tired. She's still on EST. I'm on her bed with her.

I miss her so I make noise when we're all together and she goes into the shops. I know that's not being well-behaved, but I can't help myself. Here we are walking, together, in Carmel.

We may have more pictures, later, but here are some from the drive this morning.

One thing we noticed is that there are flowers everywhere.

We were amazed by the trees on the shore.

Bird Island

Brightly adorned rocks.

Some pictures of the shoreline:

Nancy took some pictures of Pebble Beach for Michael.

One of many "little cottages" amongst the big homes:

And, everyone thinks I get the royal treatment:

More later if Nancy feels better and if Susie wakes up!

Before I forget, Nancy downloaded Google Chrome and says that blogs show up much better in it.


  1. LOve the trees and the sea! So glad you posted those.

    Wishing ya'll a Happy 4th of July

  2. Lots of great memories brought back by your pictures. Hope your neck feels better soon.

  3. Thanks, gals. We had a good time and we're glad we could share a little bit with you.


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