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Jul 5, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 84?

We got up pretty early this morning to make the trip back to Sausalito. It was very crowded because of the holiday. The day was beautiful in Sausalito, but the fog was heavier than it had been other times we were here. Susan walked me for a while.

Nancy and Susan ate a quick lunch and then came back. Nancy suggested since Susan decided not to take the ferry to San Francisco that she enjoy the shops while we sat on the bench near the water and ferry. We really like it there. We just relaxed and enjoyed the weather and people/boat watching.

When Susan came back to meet us, Nancy asked her if she'd like to see the Marin Headlands. Susan likes to keep busy so she said, "Yes." Nancy was surprised because she didn't think Susan would like it, but she did! We had a great time. I've shown this area on the blog before, but because of construction we couldn't see the lighthouse last time. Unfortunately, we couldn't get very good pictures because of the fog.

Most of the next pictures are of the fort. They really protected the area from enemy attack during WWII. Aunt Judy was telling Nancy, today, that had their Father been re-deployed, he would have gone to Ft. Baker before heading for the Pacific arena. Fortunately, the war ended before that happened. Nancy also wondered whether her boss, Milo, from Nortel had been to Ft. Baker. Maybe he is reading and will let us know. We were high up in this picture looking down at the red-roofed barracks.
The fort was very interesting.

This is Susan walking in the battery.

There are bunkers like this one all over the area, and some smaller ones.

Nancy tried to get a picture of Susie with the barracks behind her. You'll have to take our word for it that the barracks are there.

Susie enjoying the view

Susan walking me.

It looks like Susie is tormenting me, but she was really trying to get me to turn toward the camera.

The wind started to pick up as you can tell by Susie's hair. Nancy and I don't have that problem, but we had fun laughing at the pictures.

After a very nice day, Nancy, Susan, and I walked on my marsh walk back at the RV park. Charlie came out to meet Susan when we pulled up.

We had a very good time, today. Nancy feels better about Oregon. If Susie enjoyed the headlands, she'll really enjoy the coast. Susie wants to the wine country on the way up, and the coastal redwoods, of course.

Tomorrow morning, we're meeting Paul for breakfast in Sausalito. The ferries run later on holidays, so Susan is going on the one that leaves about 11 a.m. to Fisherman's Wharf. She'll return to Larkspur which is right near us so Nancy and I will walk down to meet her when she gets back. I tore my nail. It only hurts if I step a certain way. Nancy's taking me to the vet, tomorrow. I hope he doesn't hurt me. Nancy is going to ask Charlie to recommend a good doctor, tomorrow. Then, she has a lot to do to get ready to leave on the 6th. Fortunately, while her neck is sore, it's not as bad as she thought it would be by now. Well, there you have my thoughts for the day. Oh, I know, my cousin Robbie is going to take a couple of days off when we are up near Portland--we're very anxious to see him and glad the we'll get to spend some time, together.

I forgot to mention, yesterday, that Nancy got stamps  for Pantless from all the points of interest in the Marin Headlands AND another that says Golden Gate just in case she had been there.

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