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Jul 2, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 82

Well, this is a fine state of affairs. Nancy packed everything up this morning and headed to the airport. Just as she reached the garage, the phone rang. Susie had just landed. We drove to Monterey--it's a long drive. The hotel is very nice--even has a plasma TV.

Nancy and Susie ate at Chipolte and then went to Cannery Row and drove to find out where Fisherman's Wharf is. We walked for a long time, but guess what!!! Nancy forgot to bring her camera so we'll go back, tomorrow to get some pix. The weather is beautiful, here, but there are lots and lots of people. It's so nice to be around the water, though.

We've got one big problem. Nancy can't find diesel and the tank is getting low. We'll tackle that problem, tomorrow.

Short, I know, but I'll get better. It's a little distracting when another person is here--we're so used to being by ourselves that time flies when we're going places someone else wants to go. Especially, someone on east coast time when we don't know what time we're on because we've been awake every morning between 4 and 6 a.m., but don't go to sleep until late. Nancy thinks what we are going to learn is that we should have decided on one place. Monterey or San Francisco. We don't have enough time to really see and enjoy either place. At this point, the plan is to drop Susan in San Francisco on the morning of the 4th and Nancy and I will drive on to Sausalito or back to the RV park, and Susie can take the Larkspur Ferry back.

Thinking of Margaret Mary Doyle Ferrari, today. She was a wonderful Mother, and is missed by Judy and Nancy. When I listen to them talk of her, I realize what a fine lady she was.