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Jul 5, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 85?

Nancy and Susie went to breakfast with Uncle Paul this morning. Plans changed because Uncle Paul came here instead of Sausalito so we found an iHop close by. Nancy said it was sad to say good bye to him. He didn't say good bye to me, though. Since we didn't go to Sausalito, Susan decided to take the Larkspur Ferry where Nancy and I walk sometimes. That changed, too, because after we dropped Susie at the ferry, Nancy took me to an emergency vet because it's a holiday, of course. It wound up being very scary because they had to take my nail out. Nancy told the doctor she didn't want him to hurt me and the doctor said he would give me some "happy medicine" and something called a local and I would feel just a little bit. When he saw Nancy's face, he said, "Okay, he won't feel a thing." Nancy said goodbye and told me to be a good boy and that she'd be waiting in the waiting room. I don't remember anything, but Nancy said it didn't take too long. I remember everything looking funny and seeing three of our trucks when I came out. I looked and felt like I was drunk. The nurse that helped Nancy get me in the truck was laughing. Well, I didn't think it was so funny. Nancy let me stay on the front seat because there was no way I was moving to the back seat because I was so dizzy. When we got back to the RV park, Nancy put a pillow out there and opened all the windows because it's so cool and breezy here and told me to sleep it off. It's a good thing she brought Lizzie's ramp with us because I was able to get down out of the truck and then she put it at the door of the trailer and I got up in the trailer. I'm not allowed to go on any walks. :-( I have to go to another doctor in three days to get the bandage removed. I also have to take two pills at night and two in the morning. That's not so bad because Nancy will give them to me with cheese!

Susie called. She's waiting for the ferry to pick her up. When she gets here, Nancy will go meet her. I'll have to stay here because I'm not allowed to walk that far. I hope you don't think I'm playing the role for attention. This was serious business. Just look!

Oh, Nancy, could you bring me a bowl of water? Not too full--I can't get my bandage wet, remember. Oh, and on your way could you get a pillow for my head, please? Okay, I'll take my pills, but please wrap them in cheese for me?

Tomorrow, we have to leave. I hope that Susie and Nancy can get me up in the truck. We're going to Mendacino--Susan wants to go there. When we leave that area, we're going north toward Oregon and we're going to ride through the Avenue of the Giants so Susie can see the redwoods. Nancy thinks, then  that our next stop will be at the Rogue River Mail Boats It looks like so much fun! I wish I could go, but I'm not allowed to get my paw wet. Besides, I'm a dog and they won't let me on.


  1. Oh, I'm sending lots of kisses and hugs to Jack. Nic had that happen to him, too. He caught a nail between the planks on the deck and pulled it right out. OWWWWW! Be a good patient, Jack, don't worry Nancy too much.

  2. Hi, Gail, the vet asked me if he walks on decks a lot. I said no, and he told me that that's where most of these sort of injuries happen.

    Thank you for the kisses to Jack. Time got away from me, today. Was going to call you. Love to Paul, the boys, and Mac.

  3. Oh poor poor Jack! I hope your mom & sis are giving you lots of hugs and kisses and waiting on you hand and paw, so to speak! Hope you feel better really fast so you can get back to Walking


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