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Jul 22, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 98?

Today we went to the Columbia River Gorge, one of Nancy’s favorite places. She was anxious to show it to Michael, Susan, Keely and Peyton and also anxious to see it on a sunny a day—a first.

We stopped to see Bridal Veil Falls, first. They were very pretty. Oh, I just love the outdoors.

Peyton, Michael, and Keely

Then, we hiked up to the second level of Multnomah Falls, together. Nancy stayed behind at that point and Michael, Susie, Keely, Peyton and I all went up to the top. Susie is very happy to see that I'm in such good shape. When Nancy and Rich were at these falls, there were few people there because it was early in the season. Nancy saw a young couple standing right in front of the falls and she had a feeling that the young man was going to propose so of course she got her 35mm camera ready. Sure enough, he got down on one knee, then they hugged and she cried, and then she was admiring her ring. When they started to walk down the hill, Nancy stopped them and got their names and address so she could send them the pictures. They turned out to be very good pictures, and Nancy sent them to them and sort of forgot about it until one day an invitation to a wedding came in the mail, and the picture they used on the invitation was one that Nancy had taken. Of course, Nancy and Rich couldn't go, but wasn't it nice of the couple to think of them.

Miss Martha will be happy. Michael got a picture of Nancy with Peyton, Susie, and Keely. See, Miss Martha, she really is with me.
Three Generations!

Peyton, Susie, and Keely.

Our camera isn't good enough to get the whole fall, but I think Michael's is. I'm hoping he'll send a CD to Nancy with all the pictures he takes. She's going to send hers.

The wind was high in Hood River—too high for the windsurfers to “fly” really, but it was fun and relaxing to sit and watch. I got all excited because Michael walked away and also because of the water and almost dragged Susie in the river! Susie was not happy with me.  I just couldn't help myself, I tell ya, Suz. I'm good most of the time!

Peyton Rolling Down the Hill
We also went to the Bonneville Dam. I couldn't go in, but everyone except Nancy and I went on the ranger tour. We sat outside and enjoyed the sights. She went in to see the fish ladder with the others, and listened to the first part of the ranger's lecture. He was very good at his job. I think it was educational for all, but especially for Keely and Peyton since they are still in school.

We ejoyed watching all the activity for a while and then found a place to eat in the town of Hood River. I waited in the truck (of course), but Nancy came out and sat with me while the others shopped for just a little while--everyone loved Hood River as much as Nancy does. Susie bought Nancy and the girls beautiful sweatshirts. It's fun with all of us being together.

On the way home, Michael decided to drive the old river road. Nancy and Rich had been on it, but evidently Michael and Peyton were nervous as it is a curvy steep road—not for the faint of heart.  Nancy, Susie and I were laughing because Michael was hugging the center of the road—it wasn’t difficult to figure out that he doesn’t like heights. It’s a good thing he didn’t go to one of the other places Nancy and Rich drove to—Nancy is a better driver than passenger. Anyway, aren’t the vistas beautiful from the top?

Michael took a picture of me.

I "think" this picture was taken up by Multnomah, but I'm not sure. Someone will remind me, I'm sure.

Michael and Keely (Peyton is like Nancy--hates her picture taken)