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Jul 14, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 93?

Today was the day that Nancy wanted to go to Mt. Hebo where Rich had been stationed while in the service. For someone with an awful sense of direction, she found it surprisingly easily. Rich told her how many hills there were to get to the top, but she couldn't remember the exact number. It's in one of the videos at home. It was exactly 8 miles as he always said. They used to use a "hill car" that had no working engine and glide down the hill to get to town. When they wanted to come back, they waited for one of the air force trucks to tow them back up.

Nancy was glad that she was able to come here one last time, but she felt sad that Rich was not with her. As she walked around, she remembered how Rich always talked about his time in the service, and how he looked forward that first year, to going back to see it. That year, when we got to the top, it shocked him that it was all gone--it was a bittersweet visit. The Air Force no longer owned the mountain--a cable/satellite company did. Susie was emotional, too. She said she wondered how different life would be if he were still here. Nancy said, "That's an understatement." The landscape had changed since they were last there. The grass and shrubs were higher and the wild flowers were not the same ones that were in season when they were there. Nancy took Rocks for each of the kids and grandkids. She never did find the dirt.

Nancy tried to get a picture of "Haystack" rock. It's barely visible in a large image--but, it's there. She also took a couple of pictures of the surrounding area.


I decided to break the mood a little to try to make them laugh. Susie tried to get me to pose for a picture with her. I think Rich would have laughed at my clowning around, too.

When they left Hebo, Nancy decided to try to find the restaurant that she and Rich had eaten at on their last visit to Hebo. He had shown her all around. There was a little air strip that was still there, and a dance hall that was gone. They also had bought the lighthouse pictures in the breakfast room from a gallery that was nearby. That was still there, and Nancy bought another one by the same artist, Rose Perez. Her husband had served two terms at Hebo; not at the same time as Rich.  Susie and Nancy enjoyed lunch at the Pelican Pub and Brewery as I waited in the truck, of course. It had changed in the 7 years since they had been there--lots of new buildings and the beach right next door was crowded.  When they were there, they let Lizzie run all over the beach and had their lunched packed by the restaurant and had a picnic--it was on a day just like today, not a cloud in the sky.

This is a picture of Haystack rock from the restaurant.

Susan really wanted to see the Air Museum so we went there next. Do they allow dogs? Of course not so you know where I got to stay. Nancy took many pictures of the planes, but mostly for my brothers to see. She wanted you to see what the structure looked like.

It really is an amazing building.

Can you see the basketball hoop above the door? Someone had a sense of humor! There were fewer than half the aircraft they had seven years ago. Susie said she saw a sign that said they were on loan. Nancy saw a sign that said, "All aircraft flyable."

Nancy thought this was an interesting chart.

And, she thought the cockpits were fascinating.

This is was the Helium Room.

Nancy and Susie didn't see a lot of the exhibits and movies. They wanted to get back out to the truck to me, and it was close to closing time. Tomorrow, we're going to Astoria. I think I'll get to do more walking there. Nancy took me, tonight. This is a nice park to walk in and they have two enclosed places where Susie takes me.

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