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Jul 8, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 87?

Susie and Nancy had a lovely day exploring Mendocino. If we didn't know any better, we would have thought we were in Cape Cod. In fact, Nancy told me that "Murder She Wrote" was filmed here. This was Angela Lansbury's home in the series.

Nancy just tried to upload a picture using her Verizon USB and the signal is too weak. The darn campground allows only so much wifi during your stay--what a crooked bunch. So,  she said she'd try to get to it, tomorrow. As you walk around town, you have not a hint of anything that says you're in California.

The town has may cisterns. The man at the visitor center told Nancy that the water table is very high in Mendocino so they could drill a well 15 feet down, a windmill would draw the water up into the cistern and gravity would allow them to have indoor plumbing in the 1800s. They are all sizes and colors, but mostly square or round. Most of the homes are from the 1800s. 

You can see the Pacific as you walk down the street. The flower gardens are spectacular. Nancy made up for yesterday and took over 100 pictures.

Nancy said it’s hard to get a Coke in the town as they all seem to believe in organically grown and raised food. The other day some guy told Nancy it wouldn't cost much to convert the truck so that it could run on vegetable oil. Californians are a different sort, that's for sure.

Out in back of town are the Mendocino Headlands.  I sure wish I could have walked or run around out there, but I’m still limping, and Nancy said I’m not allowed.

We saw many interesting things including this homemade RV:

Burl art is very popular and a very interesting craft. Here's just one of the many pictures of pieces Nancy saw. It was in the collection shown in the alley way.

Susie and Nancy went into Ft. Bragg for dinner, tonight, and it was awful. Well, you can’t win them all. Tomorrow I have to go to a vet to get my foot checked. I hope he doesn’t hurt me. I know Nancy will make it clear to him that she doesn’t want me to hurt. She said she would ask if I could do a little more walking. I miss my walks. I was only 82 pounds at the vet the other day. Last year I was 92 pounds so as you can see I’ve been very active. The vet said I was in very good shape.

We’ll be going up through redwood country and more coastal areas. Rich and Nancy saw most of the groves in northern California. The area we'll be going through doesn't have the biggest groves, but it will give Susan a taste of what the redwoods are. Originally, Nancy thought of going through The Avenue of the Giants, but that would use up most of the day. The way she's going is on the way north so the road is safer to pull the trailer according to some advice Nancy received.