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Jul 12, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 92?

Nancy is still procrastinating about doing wash and she has got to get this trailer cleaned. It's just so hard with so much "stuff". Amazing the stuff that one extra person in a small trailer creates (especially a clothes hound (Susie)). Now, that wouldn't be me as I never have to change clothes. We can't move. Of course, Nancy wants to go to Hebo. She brought some dirt from our yard in a zip lock bag to put up at Hebo. She straightened all the cabinets before Susan arrived and now she can't find it. It was in one drawer all the way to San Francisco. Where did she put it? Is the trailer so bad that she could actually lose dirt in it?

Then, we took a ride to the Tillamook Cheese Factory hoping to find some more of the pictures that Rich had found there--the ones that he framed and put on the wall on the carport (finished room). We drew a blank. Nancy and Susie watched them produce cheese for a while, had some delicious ice cream, and then left. Of course, I had to wait in the truck. Then we went to Fred Meyers which is the Wally World of the west to try to find dog food for me. Since Susie has been here, she's been feeding me every morning, and didn't realize that she gave me the last food, yesterday. Nancy discovered it this morning. Fortunately, she had bought some canned food of the brand that I eat to stuff in the white bone she bought me so I'd be amused in the truck. She can't find a PetSmart around here--some place has to sell it. She's going to look on the web.

From there, we went to the Three Capes Scenic Drive. I was glad that I was allowed to go. We walked to the lighthouse, first. Unfortunately, vandals damaged it, recently. What a shame to see what they had done.

This is also the site of the "Octopus Tree". It's amazing. Nancy has pictures of it at home, but it was in deep fog. The sign said that it has remained a mystery as to why this one tree grew as it did. They are not sure whether it came about naturally or whether the American Indians did something to make it grow. They estimate it to be 250-300 years old.

Susan and me walking back from the Octopus Tree

The drive was very pretty. More rocks, but they're all different when you see them surrounded by sea and land. Nancy can't resist taking pictures of them.

This rock isn't among the prettiest we've seen, but it was interesting because it was pretty far away, yet we could hear the "BOOM" as water came through the arches in the rock. Nancy said she always wanted to spend a winter on the Oregon Coast because the surf is so beautiful that time of year.

There are birds that nest on these cliffs. The chicks, at only a few weeks old, leave the nest. Some fly and some dive as their first step. As a result many die with their first venture away from the nest. The ones that survive are taken care of solely by their Father at sea.

The scenery was very pretty along the drive. The road, however, was in need of repair. There were potholes big enough to break an axle. Nancy didn't see one that she hit and was ducking and dodging others. On the way back, she was watching for it and she still hit it. Good thing I have lots of pillows where I sit in the truck!

Susan and Nancy were starving by the time we finished sight-seeing, but they had a difficult time finding somewhere to eat. They finally settled on a place. Nancy came out with catsup on her sweatshirt, again, mumbling, under her breath, that she didn't know if she'd ever eat, again, without dropping it all over her.

When we got back to the trailer, Susie took me for a walk. There are two dog runs in this park, both fenced in, but I stayed on the leash with Susan. The park is filling up fast--there's a group of people that belong to some kind of club that are going to camp here for the next week or so.

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