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Jul 15, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 94?

I don't know if I'll get to download pictures, tonight, as I am very sleepy. We started out fairly early this morning. We would have been gone earlier, but Susie lost her phone and she and Nancy searched high and low, never finding it. They searched, again, when we got back to the trailer, but it's still missing. Oddly enough, Nancy lost her phone in the truck for a short time. We were returning from Astoria to the campground when Susan said, "Let's stop to get ice cream at the Tillamook Cheese Factory." Nancy went in just to use the bathroom, came back out and Susie went in to get the ice cream. While Susie was in the factory, Nancy looked for her phone and it was missing. So, after eating ice cream she went back in and looked in the ladies room and from there to the lost and found. A nice lady offered to call the number and we heard the phone ring in the truck and Susie answered.  Whew.

Nancy tried to get my brand of dog food to no avail, as well. Ultra is one of the premium brands, and most places don't carry it. She's hoping to find it in a place in Hillsboro (where the Roloffs live) as there are no PetSmart or Petco around here, and a google search showed just one place that sells it. I'm not too unhappy because Nancy had several zip lock bagfuls in the truck for emergency purposes and also 6 cans of Ultra--yum, I love that stuff.

Anyway, on to the day's activities. We went to Astoria. It was a pretty ride.

Seaside and Cannon Beach are tourist traps--Nancy said they reminded her of Coney Island. Cannon Beach was surprising, she said, because it was a small little village the last time she saw it.

Astoria was a very pretty city with some really scary hills that start down at the river, pretty victorian houses and right on the Columbia River. It was difficult to take too many pictures of the residential areas because the streets were dangerous. One street seemed to go straight up and at the intersection there was a sign that said, "Dangerous Intersection". Well, yah...Nancy couldn't see over the hill!!!

The Columbia

Flavill Mansion (owned by who is thought to be the 1st millionaire in Astoria)

The Lewis and Clark expedition ended at Ft. Clatsop--we didn't have enough time to go there or to delve into their history in this area. One could spend years just studying about Lewis and Clark.

We crossed over a wooden dock to a Bumblebee distributor which made Susie nervous.

Then we went to the Cox Tower which was incredible. It was 164 steps--12 stories high, I believe. Each step is named for someone who supports the tower. The cement benches are all in memory of people, and their are bricks that line the sidewalk in memory of people, as well. The art work on the outside was beautiful, depicting scenes and narrations of the Lewis and Clark Expedicition. Susie climbed the tower. While she was gone, a cute little girl about 6 years old named Aubrey wanted to know if she could pet me. It turns out that she has two yellow girl labs. Her parents came over. They were new to camping, having their camper for only 2 weeks. Susan talked to Susan (the ladies name) and Nancy talked to the man for over an hour. They fell in love with me, and I really behaved myself.  The little girl was such a nice little girl--nothing at all bratty about her. Susie thought she was funny and took some pictures of the tops of our heads when she was up in the tower, but she also took some very nice pictures from the tower. First I'll post the pictures of the tower from the ground.

Susie took these pictures.

Bridge from Oregon to Washington across the Columbia River

We have decided to head over toward the Columbia River, tomorrow. Maybe we'll stay at the campground we originally planned to be at but cancelled and just kept a couple of days. Susie's visit is coming to an end soon so we want to see as much as possible, and Nancy thinks she'll really enjoy Hood River, etc. We're looking forward to Michael, Keely, and Peyton's arrival. I think they are really going to enjoy the northwest. I know they've been to Seattle, but the Columbia River and the Oregon Coast are very different, and of course, have special meaning because Rich was stationed on the coast. With our guide (Michael), time will fly. We'll most likely be doing some primitive camping near Mt. Hood, and the girls want to go horseback riding.(primitive camping didn't happen, but Nancy bought Michael, Keely, and Peyton an "Adventure Day" at Mt. Hood. Poor Peyton got skinned knees when she fell off her mountain bike, but she's not a complainer.) Michael has set up a whale watching excursion and even I can go!!! Way to go, Michael!!! We are all anxious to see Robbie, as well. We've missed him since he moved from Atlanta. Well, I'm nodding off, and Nancy is already asleep, so goodnight all.

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