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Jul 30, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 110?

We hung around this morning until Nancy's mail arrived. Then, Nancy packed a lunch for us and we set off to find a place we hadn't been. We wound up going to Cape Lookout State Park. What a place! We spent all afternoon on the trails (there were so many) before eating lunch. Nancy packed one of her lunchables and she brought cookies and water for me. She was pooped from carrying everything, but she must be in better shape because she's not huffing and puffing like she used to do at the beginning of our trip.

Nancy took so many pictures. It's amazing how on a trail, the scenery changes drastically. We decided we would follow the Tillamook River as Nancy forgot where to pick up the Trask (we did eventually see it, but were too interested in where we were going to change course). The first thing we saw were baby goats--right next to the road until I barked, but Nancy took a picture anyway. They were so cute. She also took a picture of the river.

Then she asked me if I wanted to go to Cape Lookout State Park. After being there, we think we saw it from the Cape Mears lighthouse. There's a picture of Michael pointing with the girls when he was here. He would have loved this place, today. There were so many trails to enjoy and great cabins. The campground was full as all the really good ones are. Oh, how Nancy wished she had his camera--so many photo ops.

We saw other things besides the ocean on the trails. :-) Nancy gets carried away with pictures. We just saw so many beautiful things, and the great part of it was that we experienced it for the whole afternoon while taking trails and I could be off leash! I got in trouble a couple of times for eating dirt--almost got put back on the leash.

This cabin looks right over the ocean.

And just around the bend...

"God Father" "Hail Mary..."

For some reason, Nancy can't center the pictures. Oh, well. Anyway, Nancy took out her little lunch and my cookies and we sat on a picnic table overlooking the ocean. We sat there a long time after lunch just watching the waves. All of a sudden a lady came walking up and said, "Does he understand everything you say to him?" Nancy said, "Pretty much." That's the truth. I do. They got to talking about our trip and the woman just wanted to know everything. Then, she said, "Could I take some pictures of you and Jack? You really need to have them. I can't get over how cute the two of you are." She was very nice. I can understand her calling me cute, but a lady Nancy's age, cute?" Well, she took them--a bunch; they talked a little while longer. She really was very nice. She was from Corvalis and had a vacation home that she was trying to sell because she and her husband could no longer afford it because all their kids were in private schools, the bubble had burst, etc., etc.

All in all, we had a great day. Nancy just looked at me and said, I hope you don't get sick from eating that dirt! I hope I don't, too. I don't know what tastes so good--Nancy thinks maybe it's that it's so rich. Aunt Judy thought maybe I need minerals. After thinking that over, Nancy remembered when she was pregnant with Michael that she had a terrible urge to eat dirt after a rain. The doctor said it wasn't all that unusual; that maybe she needed minerals. Well, I'm not pregnant, that's for sure, so I don't think I can use that as an excuse.

I forgot to add that the nice lady who took our picture asked us if we'd like to join her family picnic or maybe just have smores with the kids.

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