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Jul 1, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 81

I don't have much to say, today. We went out for lunch at a very nice place with Uncle Paul and Ms. Betty and had a very nice time--well, they did. I waited in the truck. We may see Ms. Betty in Atlanta some day because she has a son who lives in Marietta. I like her. She's a very kind and soft-spoken lady. Nancy likes her, too.

This morning on our walk through the marshes, a huge skunk came out of nowhere. I got the distinct feeling when Nancy pulled my chain up and nearly choked me to death that I should not make any noise. We stood there watching it do its thing before it wandered back into the marsh grass. Wonder if we'll see him, again, tonight. I hope not. I don't want to get choked, again!!!

Nancy didn't get to find the airport, today, so it should be interesting picking Susie up, tomorrow. Nancy's all packed for the trip to Monterey, but wondering how she's going to fit her stuff and Susie's stuff in the truck--I just reminded her that she needs to bring my stuff, too. She'll probably empty something in the back of the truck to make room. She said she'll think about it in the morning.

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