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Jul 11, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 90?

Today, we decided to explore the coast a bit. First, we went to Yaquina Light House which is right near by. Nancy and Rich went to all the light houses. Heceda Head was their favorite, but it was too far away--maybe tomorrow, though Susan and Nancy would like to see the crab/fishing boats come in, so we'll see how much time we have.
Hmmm...we can't find Susan. Do you suppose?

All the dots are birds. They had volunteer interpreters and scopes so that everyone could get a closer look. They were very interesting people and took time to explain about the baby birds, etc. You could tell, they definitely loved bird watching.

If you look really close, there are seals at the bottom of this rock. Susan saw one swimming into Newport Harbor--think he was looking for some fishing boats to get his dinner.

Boiler Bay

Fresh water spring pouring into ocean.

Oregon Specimen...the fish, I mean. Nancy asked him if he had been spear fishing. He said, yes. He has a big oxygen tank on his bank. His buddy came along soon after with a similar catch. Nancy said she didn't think he was as spectacular...the fish she meant.

Changing Colors of the Sea

I'd say this is a house with a view.

One slip and...

Devil's Punch Bowl

Newport is a working town. Aside from the many tourists, this time of year, it bustles with the business of crabbing and fishing. Nancy didn't take too many pictures because she has so many at home.

One of many murals

All cleaned up and ready for tomorrow's catch.

Newport Coast Guard Station

This is the bridge that we cross over to get to Newport. We are "camped" in the Marina underneath. These pictures are taken from town.

Nancy got so interested in this gull that she forgot to take a picture of the harbor in Depot Bay. It's the smallest harbor in the world.