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Jul 16, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 95?

We hooked up and left the campground in Tillamook. Nancy said to Susie, "Maybe you should check with the office one more time to see if they found your phone." Susie said she doubted they had it. Nancy decided to go in, and guess what, they had it! One problem down. Nancy was able to find my food in Hillsboro on the way to Portland. That's where the Roloff's live. Nancy and Susie thought about visiting their farm for about 2 seconds, then drove on.

The drive over the coastal mountains was okay. Nothing to write home about, really. We found out that with all the fiddling around changing reservations, the RV Park we were going to did not have an opening. We found another one and drove in. It's a pain because Nancy's having trouble with the hitch and ball so she was NOT happy about hitching and unhitching twice.

We could see Mt. Hood from far away, which is unusual. After we unhitched, we decided to take a ride to Mt Hood. There was still snow up there, but not as much as there had been when Rich and Nancy were there. We drove up to Timberline Lodge. Nancy and Rich had had a picnic of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the snow one year.

You've heard of barefoot in the park? This is barefoot in the snow.

Yellow snow?

Who says big kids don't like to play in the snow?

Timberline Lodge

We met Robbie for dinner. We all realized how much we have missed him. We walked to a Mexican restaurant where I WAS ALLOWED TO SIT ON THE PATIO. Nancy was grouchy. She forgot her camera to take a picture of Robbie and his apartment (which is beautiful and has lovely views) for Aunt Judy. She was mad at her doctor. She was upset about the ball and hitch and she was mad at me because I didn't walk like a nice boy. I guess that's going to change according to the lecture she gave me. I think, though, that Nancy always got in a bad mood whenever she left the coast. That's probably what was behind it all, now that I think of it. At least, she'll go back with Michael and the girls, and then will probably go back, again, after they leave, and up through Washington.

The Mexican restaurant was good. We moved to the new RV park and Nancy's neck hurts, again. We called the RV repair company whose truck was right in the park hours and hours ago and he still hasn't gotten over here so we were unable to go to the river as planned. Later today we're going to meet Robbie to see the Nike campus. I'm allowed to go there, too.

I may add more later, but for now I'm going to take a nap.

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