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Aug 31, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 142?

Nancy has a couple of pictures in the camera, but didn't upload them. We took a ride to Hamilton MT. It was not as interesting as the drive to Wisdom even though we went in the same direction. We were in the Bitteroot Valley, which is beautiful; however, the mountains were full of smoke from fires that were visible from the valley. That's what Nancy tried to catch with the camera. Coming over the pass, we hit hail. The road was virtually empty between Hamilton and Salmon--I think we saw one truck and one car after leaving Hamilton.

We were both tired. We got back nd Nancy walked me. These rabbits are funny. They must sleep under our trailer. I wanted to play with one that's the same color as me, but Nancy wouldn't let me and the rabbit didn't seem too playful. It just ignored me.

Tomorrow (today, really) we're going to Rexburg. We're all hooked up--only have to disconnect the electric and water. Nancy wanted to take it easy and was afraid it would be pouring if she didn't do it in-between the showers.

For those of you from Dahlonega, GA, there's a creek here by that name and we also drove on a road by the same name until the pavement ended.

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