For those of you interested Only in TRAVEL, I (Jack) wrote the blog between March 2010 and October 2010 during our travels west. We saw the most beautiful places and had the best time in our big truck and little trailer. See Blog Archive below.

Aug 15, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 125?

Well, Nancy has no sympathy for me, but I was scared to death last night. There was something in the trailer with us, and there she was snoozing away. It was making a weird noise and it was going to get us. I got very upset. I tried to wake her and ran to the door to see if I could push it open, but I couldn't so I ran back and jumped on her and pawed at her until she woke up. She was in a daze and said, "I told you not to eat grass. Now you've made yourself sick." What??? What the heck does that have to do with anything. So she puts my leash on and we go over to the dog walk. I figured I might as well pee while I was there, but I'm not going back in that trailer--that thing is still in there. I'm just going to sit here for the rest of the night. But, Nancy made me go. I thought maybe she knew something I didn't and it left, but just as we got near the trailer I heard it, again. It freaked me out I tell ya! So, Nancy took me back to the dog walk, shushing me all the way so we didn't wake anyone up and still talking about my stomach. I thought maybe the thing was an alien that got in her brain and fried it. Well, I peed again, just to make her happy, and then sat down. I was not going back. She kept talking about my stomach--I think she was still half asleep--it was 3 a.m. Well, finally she made me go back, again, but this time she heard the noise. She said, "Oh, the batteries wore out in the smoke detector." So what does that mean to me. I'm a dog!! The area is so small and she was trying to be quiet, but she couldn't figure out which one of the three it was so she took all three down. Then, you know what she did? She came at me with the thing and made me smell it! I was insulted. I slept in her bed with her for the rest of the night, and we slept late this morning, too.

Then we went for a long walk up a country road near here. Nancy said she was out of breath, but then it dawned on her--altitude. Not as bad as last time, but she noticed it. That's why it's good that we're staying here until Tuesday. We're going to see Ms. Mary and Lady Bug on Monday for lunch. Nancy is very excited about meeting her, but doesn't want her to think that she has to entertain us. It's about a two hour drive to McCall, but a very scenic ride--Nancy has been there before. Then, we'll move closer down toward McCall and maybe go out to dinner. She said it was cool enough to leave the windows open--she's in high country, so I'll be all right in the truck.

After our walk, I lay in the grass while Nancy read until it started to get warm. There isn't much shade here, but always a nice breeze and it cools down in the evening--we don't need the air. Then, Nancy said, "C'mon, you wanna go in the truck? I have to go get some batteries and then we're going to take a ride." I'm always up for a little adventure.

Nancy set the GPS to avoid highways (that always makes me nervous) and put Elk City as the destination.  Well, it really was a pretty ride, I have to admit. Nancy didn't take a lot of pictures because even though it was a gravel road, it was steep and there were drop offs on the sides. Only in some places could we stop. At the very beginning of the ride we came across a bunch of people riding horses like they were practicing for a rodeo. Nancy couldn't get good pictures because of the fence, but she asked one of the ladies on a horse when the rodeo was going to be. The lady said, "Now." The only thing Nancy could figure out is that the whole town is in the rodeo and that's why the stands were empty. There was a cute little boy who was bouncing around like crazy on his horse, and another girl practicing the barrel races, but we don't have a picture of her.

The road got prettier as we went. It was pretty steep in places, though. And on gravel you have to go very slow so that you keep the traction.

We passed miles and miles of wheat fields. They are harvesting now as you can see in the picture above. As beautiful as it is, without a subject, it doesn't make a good picture. Michael is right. Nancy took one any way because she wanted to remember it. She also took a close up of the wheat because she had never seen it, and because she wanted the kids to see it.

Nancy likes this picture because she collects pottery that has a wheat design.

Now this is a FUNNY picture. I'd name it, "Getting caught with your whole body IN the cookie jar."

Nancy took this picture for my cousins who like horses.

I also have a cousin who likes cows. I've seen her pictures of them.

We never did make it to Elk City, but we stopped in a very small town called Stite. Nancy went into the grocery store to have a look around, then took a picture of the post office. The lady in the supermarket seemed amused that Nancy had come up through the back roads. Some of the bridges across the streams are only one car wide. There's a pretty river that runs along the road for a while. We were going to go back until we found out this campgroud is full after Tuesday. On the way back we saw farms and barns.

Just for the record, I'm sleeping in Nancy's bed, again, tonight. I'm not quite sure whether Nancy is telling me the truth--I don't think worn out batteries sound like something alive inside a trailer.