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Aug 17, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 128?

Nancy got most everything set up to go a little at a time, yesterday, so we were able to leave early this morning for a much awaited real life meeting with her friend, Mary. Thank goodness the 24 hour bug didn't happen a day later. I wouldn't have wanted Nancy to drive the steep grades between Grangeville and White Bird if she wasn't feeling well.

Mary and Nancy have communicated over the web for several years. She is a wonderful writer and Nancy used to look forward to reading her pieces on the internet. She writes every day and has four manuscripts that she's written, and is working on more. The ride down was beautiful. We forgot, however, that we'd be in Mountain Time. There was a lot of highway construction going on so we had a chance to see the scenery and enjoy the ride.

Nancy's meeting with Mary was just as she thought. She feels like she's known her forever. Mary forgot to tell her that she lives in "heaven". They sat and gabbed for hours on her porch with a nice cool breeze blowing through, and just down the road is Payette Lake which is gorgeous as are all the surroundings. Mountains, meadows, streams, lakes, and rivers. What more could anyone want? I'm sure we'll get more pictures.

The only drawback is the snow in the winter, so Mary picks herself up and goes down to Arizona every winter. She's a very interesting person-the afternoon flew by--all of Nancy's WAC friends would love her. Mary was really happy to meet Cheryle, another WAC, when she visited her in Arizona.

We don't have many pictures, but we did take a few to show you how pretty Mary and Lady Bug are. Lady Bug had a hard time figuring out whether she liked me or not, but we settled down and enjoyed the porch and listened to all the "gabbing"-you know how it is when two ladies get together.

Mary has an appointment, tomorrow, so we'll meet after lunch. She is going to show us around the area, and she knows of a special drive that's very pretty and is chock full of history. Nancy signed up here for a week--got a weekly rate, and it was very reasonable for everything we've got. It's like being at a resort only we sleep in our camper! Cable and internet, and everything!

Nancy snapped a couple of pictures of Mary. Isn't she the pretty lady. She asked Nancy if she had to fix her hair first. I couldn't help snickering. Nancy got sick of her overgrown hair and cut it herself the other night. I won't say anything because I've been taught if you can't say anything nice, don't say
anything at all. Well, I'll just say, I never thought I'd like to see her wear her old beat up jean hat. You know Nancy, though. WYSIWYG.

This is Lady Bug. By the time I leave, we are going to be best friends. Isn't she cute?

Just when we thought we'd seen just about everything on this trip, we came across this. We thought we were seeing things. Nancy put on the brakes to investigate.

The trailer is for sale. We're not sure about the wayward plane. It's right on the outskirts of the campground. We wondered how it got there.

Mary said the campground is having some financial problems. It's a very big place. It isn't by any means full. That's surprising because it's a very nice place and very reasonable. Nancy said she thinks it's because it's not well advertised. This is the picture of the lodge. We took a long walk when we got back. Nancy just dropped the trailer when we arrived, set up outside, and then we went to Mary's house. From first glance, there are a lot of trails around the park. It's a little warm, tonight, but the news says cooler weather is coming. I looked up the weather in Stanley and it said 30s at night.

That's about all I have to say, tonight. I'm glad Nancy is feeling better. I felt bad that she had to get up to walk me, but maybe it kept her from getting weak laying around. The truck and trailer do very well on the hills. Nancy is going to stop at a tire dealer in town to see if she can get her tires rotated. Mary said that she had to have the tires on her trailer balanced. Nancy may ask about that, too. She usually checks the tires before a drive, but she didn't feel up to doing it this morning when we left. (Nancy realized that there were times that it was the altitude that was knocking the stuffing out of her.) Well, we'll get that all settled while we're here. Mary has to go out of town overnight one night, so that might be the day to do it.

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