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Aug 10, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 121?

Well, the wash is done and the trailer is clean. They are highway robbers in campgrounds as far as wash goes. At home, Nancy always does a double rinse-at campgrounds you're lucky to get a 20 minute wash. Each machine was a 1.75 to wash and 1.25 to dry, and they weren't big machines. When Nancy was through with her work, we went for a walk in town, then she went to K-Mart for some things she needed, and then we tried to find some pretty scenery. There isn't any. They say there are wineries and places where they grow hops, but we couldn't find them. Nancy did read that wine has only been grown in this area for the past three decades.

They are trying to revitalize the historic district, but it doesn't look like it's become popular, yet. The boardwalk was empty-kind of sad, really. We just took a few pictures. Nothing special to see, as I said.

There's an old train parked on the main street of old town. We're thinking they may be going to make shops in them.

This picture was taken from the boardwalk.

Many of the shops along the main street are empty, but as you can see they are really trying to make something nice. The flowers are all over-very pretty. One thing that was unusual were the traffic lights. They all had the crosswalk buttons and they chirped like birds when it was okay to walk, then kind of clicked when it was time to stay on the curb. 

The weather is nice-70s. Nancy feels like she acted impulsively by not going north to the farthest point in Washington, but she couldn't find any places on the web to get her bp med. It messed up her whole original plan and backup plan. Oh, well, we'll make the best of this place for a couple of days. We're trying to figure out where to go next. They think those bad guys are up in Montana, now, so I hope they catch them, soon. In the meantime, Nancy would like to take a ride to Wenatchee and Leavenworth, tomorrow. It'll take a whole day of driving so we couldn't go, today, because we couldn't get an early start.

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