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Aug 20, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 131

We hung around the campground, today. There's a really neat trail where I can go off leash, so we did that a few times, and will probably do it once more, tonight. We thought it would be better for Mary to put her feet up and rest, today. There's a fair of some kind in McCall tomorrow; maybe we'll go just to walk. I hope Nancy doesn't buy anything else to carry in this trailer--where will I sleep?

Nancy decided to try to put the clothes pole up in the shower. It didn't work out exactly as she thought. The hardware store where she bought the wooden pole sold them in 5 foot, 4 foot, and 3 foot lengths. Nancy had measured the walls and it was three feet. Along with the pole, they sold her epoxy and the two wooden brackets where the pole fits. When she bought everything, Nancy asked if the 3 foot pole took into account the brackets, and the guy said, yes.

Well, the pole was about an inch too long, but Nancy only found out after putting the end holders on the wall. Okay, enter Rube Goldberg. One end of the pole fit in the bracket with the hole. She put epoxy on the other end of the pole and stuck it directly onto the opposite wall, and then put epoxy on a couple of pieces of things she had handy. It feels like it is going to hold, nothing will budge. According to the directions, she could hang the clothes, tonight, but she figured she'd give it 24 full hours. The guy at the store said once the brackets were up, they'd never come down.  Okay, so it doesn't look so hot, but clothes will hide that, and she never claimed to be a brain surgeon. Still, I couldn't help laughing. If the kids decide to use the trailer, they can leave the pole where it is and still take a shower so there's no harm done, and the trailer now has Nancy's personalized touch. She said she could hear Wilson laughing if she sees this.

If worse comes to worse, she'll ask one of the boys when she gets home if they can saw the inch off the pole and just leave the other two things in place. She'd do it herself, but she doesn't have a saw with her.

Well one out of two isn't bad, right?

Well, we're off for our walk. 

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  1. Nancy I am laughing out loud. It is functional, and yes, quite creative, but not too attractive. Doesn't much matter as long as it works. I am loving your pictures and Mary sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing all your adventures.


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