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Aug 2, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 113?

Today was fairly uneventful. Nancy was notified that Garmin had a map update so she started a download process that took hours. (Gail, please tell Paul that they now have the map planning software for Macs-Nancy just has to learn to use it).

Then, Nancy set out to try to get her bp medication renewed. No go. They took her blood pressure and it was fine, but they won't renew the medication because it's another doctor's prescription and they won't write a new one because her blood pressure is better than normal. Well, she has a week of the prescription left, and will think about it later.

We thought we'd be going to Washington on Wednesday, but now Nancy thinks we're only going about 17 miles north. We discovered Girabaldi, today. What a place and we can park write on the bay. We can stay for two days without unhooking because we can walk everywhere. There's lots of places to walk, sit and watch a busy fishing town, logging. Oh, it's a great place. Nancy was furious with herself that she didn't have her camera with her, but she didn't expect to be there. She decided after the doctor that she was going to have a Tillamook Ice Cream sundae because after all she won't be able to get one after this.

The plan right now is to hook up tomorrow night so all we have to do Wednesday morning is walk, shower, and dump. Then we can get up to Girabaldi early so that we can have a full two days to take pictures. We swear we saw Haystack Rock in the distance from where we were. It was very clear so I guess it's possible.

Well, that was short and sweet, tonight. Oh, before I forget, did you watch the boat going into Depoe Harbor on one of my last posts. Links are in blue.