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Aug 25, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 137

Blogger has been giving us some trouble. Nancy confirmed that route 24 from Banks to Lowman is RV worthy (paved), but it has been closed because of fire. The forestry service told her to call back, today, and she found out that it is open, now, but the ranger advised her to call, again, in the morning as things can change quickly with fires, especially when it is hot and high winds are expected on Thursday. She also spoke to the DOT, and they also said good to go for tomorrow, just to check back at 8 a.m. with the ranger, as he said.

We may not have any phone or internet service between Banks and Stanley, but Nancy said she'd write each day and copy and paste when we get down to Sun Valley, and hopefully by then, we'll be able to post pictures. (A note here. Nancy bought Blogo software before we left so we could do the blog each night and upload it when we found wifi hot spots. Blogo removed many pictures from the blog, and the techs couldn't solve the problem. We tried doing it in Word, but when it was pasted into Google Blog, there was a lot of garble which then took even more time to clean up. Unfortunately, on top of not being able to get wifi at times, the Verizon Broadband she bought was unable to pick up a signal sometimes, and when it did it took 1/2 hour to upload a singe picture).

We went to get diesel additive today because it will be below freezing in Stanley at night. We're looking forward to seeing the area, again. Nancy and Rich have beautiful movies of Lizzie swimming in Stanley and Redfish Lakes. We couldn't go the last time they were there because people in the area had put poisoned bait out for wolves. We're hoping that it will be safe for me to swim. If not, we'll have fun, anyway. Nancy's anxious to see whether the town has changed--it was population 69 the last time she was there.

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    I think the Sawtooth Mountains are the most beautiful in the entire U.S. Enjoy them! My best to you and Jack.

    Wish we were there. Diane & Reileigh


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