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Aug 17, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 126?

*Note: The last two days are reversed.
Nancy woke up not feeling good, today, but she decided it was the sudden heat. She had overheard several people talking about the steep grades between here and White Bird. Since she's going down to see Mary, tomorrow, she figured she'd take a ride down to Riggins-about half way to McCall where Mary lives. That way, she could check out the hills without the trailer and also stop to see some of the history. This is fascinating country. She wishes that her Mom could have come with her-she loved history, especially anything concerning the American Indian. She had great compassion for them, and was well read regarding their history. Aside from Lewis and Clark, there's so much Nancy could have shown her.

We stopped at the points of interest and read many of the signs. The road follows along the Salmon River. We also watched some rafters along the way. The hills were very long and steep, but nothing worse than Lewiston, and the roads are good in Idaho so it's okay. We never made it down to Riggins because Nancy just kept feeling worse, and it was 97 degrees in the valley-time to leave. She's going to lay down for the rest of the day, and still hopes to go to lunch with Mary. If she isn't feeling better, later, she will call her. We're going down to McCall with the trailer on Tuesday, anyway. Mary knows a campground nearby, so Nancy will make reservations for a week when they go to lunch, tomorrow. That way, Nancy and Mary can explore. Well, Mary really won't explore, she already knows all about Idaho.

At first, we thought the guy in the water had fallen out of the raft, and it scared us. But, then we saw that he had a tube and was tethered to the raft.

The spot where the White Bird War Started. The story of this battle is very interesting.


  1. I can't see the company name on the rafts but I wonder if it is some of my friends from Canyons, Inc! (They are based in McCall) Don't worry, in most places the Main Salmon is OK to float down without a boat.

  2. Hey, Janis,

    Seems to me I passed something with that name on it. I checked the pictures, but these were private rafters--not outfitters.

    There were three drownings in Idaho Rivers this week. The Salmon looked fairly mild to me.


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