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Aug 4, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 115

Today will be a day of rest and a day of getting ready to move, tomorrow. We won't know where we are going until the rubber meets the road. I've been thinking and thinking, so has Nancy, and we can't make a decision. Does this mean it's time to turn east? I wish I knew.

Well, it turned out not to be a day of rest. After Nancy took her shower, we went for a walk and then we got in the truck and went to Hebo one more time, and on to Pacific City where we had fun on the beach, then sat and watched the waves for a while. Then, we went to the supermarket to stock up, came back to the campground, and Nancy hooked up in 5 minutes. All that's left tomorrow is the water, electric, cable, and dump after her shower and we'll be hitting the road.

We didn't take any pictures, today. Just soaked up the wonderful scenery and relived happy memories.

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