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Aug 21, 2010

Where is Jack day 132?

Well, it's another day when I don't have too much to say. We got very little sleep last night because I was sick to my stomach. We were in and out of the trailer every half hour. Nancy only let me walk a little, today, and made me rest. She is mad at me because she says I bring it on myself because I eat grass and dirt. She says I was a walking methane bomb last night.

The day wasn't lost, however, because Nancy went to do the laundry only to find out it's free. So, she came back and washed everything since there was no one else doing wash. It's a big savings because it usually costs upward of $20. to do wash in the campground.

Then she came back and hung her clothes on her newly rigged pole. Before putting the hangars on she wrapped the pole with that no-slip stuff you can buy in Walmart and secured it with duct tape. It's amazing how much more room we have on the queen bed, now--and it doesn't look as messy. Even with clothes in bins, they get wrinkled.

Nancy said she'd take me for a short walk before bed. I've been whining to try to annoy her enough to give me more food. She tries to get me to eat rice-blah. So, she mixed a little of my food that's in a can that she brought from home in with the rice. I think I'm going to just sit here and whine until she gives in.

Oh, I almost forgot, She picked up a new heater, today. One of the two that she had was at least 12 years old and it was making her nervous; the other wouldn't shut off when it got warm enough. Last year she wasted money on a (forgot the word-means moving back and forth) Honeywell, but it was SO noisy AND it made this place so hot we couldn't breathe. She kept that one because she'll put it on the carport (finished room) when she gets home--then she can lower the heat in the rest of the house when we watch TV.

She also stocked up on food in case she has to move to find an emergency vet--of course it's a weekend. There was a craft fair in town, today, but Nancy didn't think I should go. Mary said it was good. If I'm okay, tomorrow, we may take a ride down there just to see what they're selling. Mary and Nancy went for dinner, tonight, at the prettiest place called the Pancake House. It was a huge rustic building with very long porch so full of flowers that it was like being at the botanical gardens.

Just realized I didn't post on Day 77 and 78. That's why the numbers are off. I wonder why?

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