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Aug 7, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 118?

"It's raining, it's pouring,
The old man is snoring."

So, on our walk, Nancy said, "I think I'll get a jump on things and dump the tanks even though they don't need it." We walked for a while--wasn't raining too hard, but drizzling. I like the rain when I'm camping, but at home I HATE it if she thinks I should go in the back yard and get wet! When we got back, Nancy started running the water to fill the tanks--they had only been emptied two days, ago, but she figured while she has the full hook up, she might as well run full tankfuls through to clean the gauges. After she's filling for a while, I look out the window and the sewer thingy is way far away. Hmmm...should I tell her. Just as I thought it, she said, "Geez, I forgot to look where the sewer drain is. Oh, it was in the last campground where the sewer was out of reach." I don't think so. And, she keeps on filling. Then, it seemed as though the grey tank water had been running forever. She kept checking the gauge and it said only 1/4 filled. It ran and ran and ran until Nancy finally decided to check the tub to see if water was coming up. Sure enough--the lights weren't working on the gauge panel. Oh, well, good time to clean out the tub. Good job--finished!

Out she goes to dump and I'm watching her out the window from my bed and she says some things I can't repeat (under her breath)--the drain is out of reach. As if that weren't enough, it starts to pour. She looked like a drowned rat in a big orange rain jacket. So, she decides, as long as she's as wet as she can get, she might as well hook up and move the trailer back and put two of those orange square things under the wheels to make it more level in here. First, though, she has to dismantle the TV and the computer so she doesn't damage them. By this time, this trailer is becoming a swamp with all the water being dragged in on her feet. I stayed on my bed as we bumped around.

Now, as long as she's gone that far, might as well put the sway bars, etc., on. So she does that. She comes in dripping. Good thing she put that hook up the other day--a place to hang her coat and pants. Now to get away, tomorrow, all she has to do is take me for a walk, shower, and hook up the lights--oh, yeah, put everything away inside and unhook the water and electric.

Well, that's all the "excitement" for now. Back to sleep.

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