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Aug 18, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 129?

We woke up early this morning. The windows were open and it was in the forties--just the way we like it. Nancy had gotten up before me and covered me up--I didn't want to get out of bed so we spent some "lazy time" before starting our day.

We finally did get up and took our walk--there are some nice places to walk, here. Nancy said the shower was beautiful. She can't believe that this place is in financial straights. There's even an indoor pool, and the lodge is beautiful inside.

We had some very good news, today. Jim Dolan had his heart and neck surgery and came out just fine. We're so glad it's behind him and Martha. They've had a very rough year. We also heard from Susan, that Michelle's foot surgery went well and the tumor is benign.

We went over to see Mary and Mary had a really beautiful ride planned for us. The four of us took the drive around Payette Lake. It's gorgeous. We also saw Little Payette Lake, Payette River, and there's also and Upper Payette Lake (we didn't see ).

This picture shows a compound that was owned by a super wealthy man named J.R. Simplot.  On the end of the peninsula is an outdoor heated pool. When we got around the road over to that side of the lake, Mary told us that the Governor of Idaho, Butch Otter, has a home in the compound, as well, in a house further along. He was related to Mr. Simplot--brother if I recall, correctly. At any rate, there has been some flooding this year and it washed out a bridge right on the road behind the Governor's house. It was the first thing to be fixed. Can you say politics? While Nancy was driving, it was like having our own private guide. Mary is very knowledgeable about the area and we heard many inside "tidbits" that we otherwise would never have known about--the history was as interesting as the scenery was beautiful. We went through the state park which is within walking distance from her house. Mary and her husband used to cross country ski--the state would clear the paths and make trails. Mary once caught a fish from a rock that they were on that was supposed to be very hard to catch, and always from a boat. They were also boaters. Mary grew up all over the country-only in high school did she complete a full 9 months of school in one school. I imagine this is why she's such a good writer, and so easy to get to know. Mary is also a world traveler, and had many interesting stories to tell about Australia. We look forward to more. We're going to take another ride, tomorrow! On this one, Mary said we can get a CD that will guide us on a self tour.

We were no sooner in the state park when Mary spotted a deer AND her twin fawns. Nancy couldn't believe that she messed the pictures up so badly--she was trying to hurry because she was holding up another car--it was a narrow road. This is the only half way good one out of about 8 pictures. Mary said that she's seen moose and otters while enjoying the park and drive, as well.

Nancy took this picture for our WAC friends back east. They love to kayak, and would love it, here. It's the middle of the week, yet we saw quite a few people enjoying the park and the lake.

On the way back to Mary's house, they decided to go see the log home that Mary and her husband, Gerald had built all by themselves-it was only a couple of blocks away from Mary's house. I got a little upset because I saw the Chalet in her drive way and I thought we were lost.

There was more to the house-Nancy will get out of the truck next time and take another picture. It's a very pretty house, and shows that Mary has talent in many areas. We turned around and went back to Mary's house where we met her next door neighbor-a very nice young man who has a lady dog that is a yellow lab like me. The young man mows part of Mary's lawn--just because she's so nice, I suspect. He and his wife are in business selling hammock chairs like the red one on Mary's porch; the one she was sitting in last night when Nancy took her picture. The name of their business is Hang Loose, which we think is very clever. He and Nancy played ball with me and Taggy, but I lost mine under Mary's house. The young man tried to get it, but he couldn't find it. That was okay. I get tired pretty quickly these days. If anyone is interested in buying one, they are home made, and I'm sure I could get the information for you. Mary's porch is delightful. There's always a breeze-it's so pleasant and cool.

This is Mary's Chalet. It is certainly cleaner than our trailer. That's for sure. One of these days, we'll find a campground where Nancy can wash and wax it, again. I won't even talk about the truck, it's so bad.

After sitting and gabbing for a while, Nancy and Mary decided they were hungry. They went to a restaurant that probably wasn't even three blocks from Mary's house. They ate fish and chips up on the deck outside, and gabbed some more while I waited in the car. Nancy told me that it was really nice having company while eating dinner. We can't wait for our adventure, tomorrow. After that ride, Mary mentioned another ride for another day-I can't remember the name, but we'll ask her, tomorrow.

It's nice and cool, tonight, so our windows are open, again, and we'll be asleep before we know it.

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