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Aug 9, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 120?

This is what I have to put up with almost every morning. Nancy keeps the camera by her bedside at all times but she keeps the taser gun by the door. (shrug) She thinks I don't hear her pick the camera up, and she should know how annoying that darn flash is. That's the plastic sheet, behind me, that she bought when it rained over on the coast--I must have pulled it down in my sleep. We have matching sheets, now.  (eyes rolling).  The plan is to clean the trailer top to bottom, today, and to do laundry.

I don't have too much to say, today. We laid around for a while, then went for a walk. When we came back, Nancy and I sat outside while she read a book. The grass feels good. Nancy called Gail to say hello, then Susie called.

We found out there was a Petco in town so we went shopping. I LOVE IT! I look at all the toys and treats, and sometimes I can't help but pick one up, but Nancy says that's shoplifting and that I have to put it back, and I do. Anyway, we got two bags of my food--we wanted three, but they didn't have another one. Then, we looked across the street and there was a PetSmart--OHMIGAWD, this was just too good to be true! So, off we went and we did some more shopping. Nancy got another bag of food, and then we walked around the store. I was such a happy boy. I think she made the rounds a few times just to make me feel good that I WAS IN A STORE!!! WHOOPEE!! Everybody is so friendly and they all want to give me a treat. I think it's because I don't act like a dog--I know how to behave while shopping--well, except that I walk on four feet, of course. We just opened one bag of food and have one left so now we have four. We get a certain size because it fits in the two plastic bins that we keep in the bathroom. I also got a box of cookies and a white bone to clean my teeth. It's like Christmas!!

Poor Nancy has been living on lean cuisines so she was dying to get something to eat. Well, I don't want to say anything negative, but she lost quite a bit of weight until she started going to the Tillamook Cheese Factory--she lusts for their ice cream. She left me to chew my new toy in the truck with the air conditioning on, and went into Applebee's. She kept coming out to check on me because even though the truck has never stalled, she worries that it will, and it's in the 80s today--yuk. Take me back to the coast--please! Maybe we'll go up to Wenatchee after all. She said a nice young girl named Jenny got her served extra fast so that she could come out to be with me. She had a big tall styrofoam cup full of ice water for me--Jenny made it. We always carry several cases and 2 or three gallon jugs of water in the back of the truck--but that's for emergencies and it's warm.

When Nancy was in Petco, one of her very best friends called. They used to work together and were very close, but now she lives in Pennsylvania. Nancy has always missed her. She was telling me on the way home that she feels sure the next time she sees her, it will be just like it always was--like no time passed since the last time they carried on and laughed. She said maybe she'll try to get up to the northeast. It will seem like a short trip after this one, that's for sure! Rich liked her, too. He knew what a good friend she was to Nancy.

The plan to get everything done didn't work. (no surprise, there) We'll sign up for another night or two and try, again. I keep seeing where it says it's wine country, here, but I don't smell or see any vineyards. Maybe we'll take a ride, tonight.

That's about it for the day. The lady who writes about a yellow dog left. She's going to write a book someday.

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