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Aug 23, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 134?

We slept soundly last night. Nancy decided that we should take it easy one more day. I'm feeling much better, though. We walked quite a few times--it was nice and cool. This morning I tried to eat grass and Nancy called me dumb. I'm very annoyed at her. I overheard her tell Susie, on the phone, that she's going to look for a cloth muzzle so I don't eat grass. The nerve! I'll make her life miserable if she tries that. I don't think she was really serious, but just to make sure I didn't try to eat any grass on my walk tonight.

Nancy was bustling around organizing, today. She's pleased with her closet--she'll be even more pleased if the clothes are still hanging when we get to Stanley on Tuesday.

It was a cool afternoon-sweatshirt weather-Nancy says, yeah! So, after walking and her shower this morning, she decided to sit out and read her book so I could at least get out of the trailer except for walking. It was so funny. She didn't realize that the sprinklers had left a pool of water in her chair last night. She sat down, and jumped up very fast. Her whole behind was wet. I laughed like crazy. Serves her right for mentioning the word "muzzle". Well, she read for a while, then we walked, again, and then we went inside. She hung a few more hooks--they are good for her keys and the bigger ones will do well to hang her wet rain jacket if she has to be out in the rain. We fell asleep for a couple of hours this afternoon. We must have still been tired from being up all night the other night.

Nancy and Mary went to dinner, tonight. Nancy really likes her. So do I.  I'm not allowed to go near Ladybug or Taggy, the yellow lab next door because Nancy's afraid I might have had something that was contagious. Probably not, but better to be safe than sorry.

After dinner, we went to the Fire Jumper's Base right across the road from the campground. They are always on the alert for fires. Tonight, I think there was a bit more activity because of the threatening skies. Everything is dry and lightening is a danger. We heard them taking off most of the day. They have helicopters, too. Very interesting place. They'll give a tour to anyone who wants to go. There are several fires around the state, already, and windy conditions aren't helping. It was very interesting watching them fuel up and load the red fire retardant into the planes. Mary told Nancy the other day that they drop the jumpers first, and then fly over with the retardant. 

Well, darn, half the blog disappeared.  Well, I'll just shorten it. These are the pictures of the Jumper Base.

One engine started.

After watching the planes for a while, we rode about 5 miles down the road. We found a ranch for sale. Nancy said we might take a ride further down, tomorrow.

Well, I couldn't remember everything I said before the blog disappeared, but I'm too tired to write any more.


  1. Hey Jack, I looked up that ranch you saw that was for sale. Got a spare 14 million laying around? Looks awfully nice, can't blame Nan for wanting to spend some time there.

  2. I was thinking of asking you for a loan, Ms. Gail. :-) This area is very pretty.

  3. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous view! I think you ought to buy that farm Nancy; you can make it a
    WAC Retreat!


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