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Sep 1, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 143?

Well, we never know where we're going to wind up. We woke up this morning, took a walk, saw my little rabbit friends, and then Nancy unhooked the water and electric and checked the air in the tires on the trailer and truck. As she was doing that, three bucks came walking so close she couldn't believe it. Two had racks, the other was just a yearling. BUT, something happened to the camera so the pictures didn't turn out. I'm going to try posting a couple, but it doesn't look good. If I can see them in Google Chrome, I'll leave them. Nancy took two other pictures that seem to be okay, so at least it's not the camera--we don't know what happened. I can barely see them, but I'll leave them there.

We thought we were going to Rexburg. Nancy had bought some blank CDs and recorded from her iTunes last night. Between that and an easy drive, we were to Rexburg in no time, it seemed. We were mostly in ranch land and prairie-straight road. We decided to go on to Jackson. John called and he was looking up where we were on his computer. I think we were near Driggs or Wilson at the time. He said, "It looks like you're going into some big mountains." We knew they were ahead, but Nancy always says, "Live in the moment--we'll think about the mountains later."

This picture is in one of those towns. Nancy snapped it out the window at a traffic light. Again, bad settings, but there's cutouts of cowboys and cowgirls in the windows.

We got over the pass fine--it's a doozy, but we've been on worse. There was one turn off where Nancy could take a picture. This is over the pass and down a ways overlooking Jackson. It's not a good picture, either, but Nancy just discovered that the setting on the camera was wrong. Must have gotten changed when she picked it up.

Finding the campground was another story. Nancy called and made reservations, but they said the directions in the guide and the coordinates would not get us there. What dunces. They said it was about 12 miles (wrong) south of Jackson. It took us an hour, but finally we found it. In actuality, we're closer to Hoback Junction, and the campground is not well marked. We are camped right on the Snake River. We went down the hill to see it as soon as Nancy unhitched. I wanted to stay, but Nancy said I have another place--I'll bring you back and we'll walk.

So, we went and stopped to grab Wendy's. Then off Nancy went through the town of Jackson all the way to a dirt road that took us into the Elk Preserve. The elk are still up in the mountains, but we did see an amazing bird. We walked for a long way, but it was dusk so Nancy thought we'd better get back. She and Rich used to walk Lizzie on this road. It brought back a lot of memories for Nancy. Sometimes her emotions get the better of her, but she was okay, after a while. Sometimes, being in places out here make her feel warm and comfortable; she remembers the conversations, what they saw-like it was yesterday. So, it's a good thing.

We came back to camp (Nancy had set the coordinates in her GPS) and they worked perfectly. She's going to give them to the people at the desk so that they can tell other guests what to enter. The place is so hidden, we'd never have found it at night. Nancy kept her promise and took me walking down by the river. She said if I'm good, she'll let me go in, tomorrow, as long as it's not too swift. She'll probably put that green thing on me, she said, and tie her yellow rope to it just in case. Geez...

When we came back to the trailer, the couple next door were sitting by their fire enjoying a glass of wine. They told Nancy what a well-behaved pup I am. That made her proud (me, too). Then, I sat down like the well-trained dog that they think I am while they talked. They are from Missouri and had come out to see Yellowstone. They were asking Nancy all the places they should see in the west. They've just started to full-time like Nancy and Rich had planned to do when they retired. They are going to talk more, tomorrow, and Nancy can show them the best places on the map or make a list. Between this trip and all the trips with Rich, she really knows where to go and where not to go.

Well, it's getting near my bedtime. We will have lots of pictures, tomorrow. Nancy is charging the camera batteries, tonight.

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