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Aug 3, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 114?

Last week when Nancy had to move sites, she questioned the man at the front desk several times on the dates. Two other people in the office chimed in and said that she had to leave on the 29th. She had signed up on the 22nd and paid for 7 (days, they call it, but in Nancy's mind, it's nights). There were people waiting to check in so she figured with her math skills, she was probably the one who was wrong--after all, they are in the business. So when she moved, she signed up and paid for another 7. She must have counted 10 times on her fingers this morning and looked on her calendar. They have her out on the 4th, tomorrow, but her fingers told her otherwise. So after our walk, we went to the office and they told her she leaves on the 4th. Nancy said to the girl, "You're counting DAYS not nights." Would you count days or nights if you were staying in an expensive hotel. What if you made a reservation for Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th, would you expect to leave on Saturday? Well, a light bulb went on and she said, you're right, you leave on Thursday, the 5th, not tomorrow. Hmmm, made us wonder how many people made this mistake, One tends to forget what day it is when traveling for a long period of time. She was going to argue about last week when she had to move, but she figured, "Why make a fuss. What'd done is done."

Nancy spoke to Judy Crawford last night. She's the lady who Nancy met in Arkansas. They became "intimate friends" when Nancy had trouble with her black tank. They both laughed about it last night. Judy sold her 5th wheeler and how has a 27 foot Class C. She said she joined the Escapee Club as I had suggested and found it on there. She hasn't had it out, yet. She was very cordial and said she was anxious for us to visit. The only time she can't make it is the first week of August. That's when she's taking her new motorhome out--she's taking her grand son to Albuquerque for the Balloon Festival. Nancy wants to buy her dinner to thank her for her help on the last day Nancy camped next to her.

So, today we're going to Garibaldi, again--a little later. Then, we have an extra day to get ready. Maybe we'll go on to Washington as originally planned. Who knows??

You know you're in Garibaldi when you see the old smoke stack.

We took a very, very long walk on the coastal trail, today. We started at the marina and wound around past a logging mill. We saw boats, it was very different than the marina at Sausalito. The boats there were mostly yachts and sail boats--pleasure boats. In Garibaldi, they are working boats.

The walk was cool and beautiful. Nancy was wearing a shirt under a sweatshirt and was comfortable even on a long walk. The coast is absolutely beautiful. We discovered that it wasn't Haystack Rock that we had seen in the distance. Nancy had read about a reasonably priced seafood restaurant, but when we got there, it was closed. The guy hanging caught us by surprise and scared the devil out of us as we almost ran into him.

We passed a memorial to all men and women who have served our country, and a memorial from families thanking the coast guard for rescues at sea on two particular boats. We also passed the Tillamook Coast Guard Station - I guess we were still in Tillamook county.

As we walked, we passed a number of docks. One held a lot of crab traps, and another was a public fishing dock, but it was very picturesque.

We past the train that takes tourists up the coast. I bet it's a beautiful ride, but they won't let me on so Nancy won't go, of course. We even passed a place where someone planted flowers along the walk.

This is an area that has Tsunami warnings all over, yet you see people climbing on the rocks and sitting, walking, or playing on the wood that's already been dumped on land. There've been many people badly injured and killed I guess because they don't think it could happen to them. It just takes one wave big enough to move the huge trees or throw people off rocks. The waves come with little warning. Very foolish people.

We were pooped after a while and Nancy had to use the ladies room. Fortunately, there was a very clean public restroom in the marina. It was a good place for me to rest,

and I slept all the way home. I'm ready to go to sleep for the night. We don't know what we are going to do, tomorrow.

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