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Aug 23, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 135?

(Oops, we miscounted days) It was cold here during the night and early this morning. We were really lazy, laying around. Nancy talked to Gail, and she looked up the ranch (Picture on yesterday's blog) that is for sale, and they are asking 14M dollars. We also found out that the place we're staying at, McCall RV Resort, is going to be auctioned off in three days for the best offer.

While we were laying around, Nancy was telling me about some of the things I did when I was a puppy. Nancy and Rich had a mirrored wall in the back of their bed. I liked the dog I saw when I was on the bed, but I didn't like the dog I saw when I was on the floor.  No wonder Lizzie used to laugh at me.

Nancy wasn't feeling up to snuff, again, but she decided she wouldn't think about it--that we'd go for a ride. We did. We went down the road past the Fire Jumpers Base. Not a lot to see, but we did find a gazillion cows. They were all standing right by the fence. Nancy quietly got out of the truck (and I was quiet, too) to take a picture and she caused a stampede just like in the old westerns. The pictures of them running away didn't come out--probably because she was laughing. We only drove about 5 miles, and then went home. We slept most of the afternoon. Mary called and when Nancy answered the phone, she was in a fog. When she sleeps in the day time, she doesn't even know where she is when she wakes up. She had called the office earlier and asked if she wasn't feeling better, would it be a problem to stay another day in the same spot. The lady was so nice. She said she'll put a note on it to hold it open. Then, if Nancy's feeling better in the morning, she can just call them.

Mary said she wasn't hungry for dinner. Nancy and I felt badly that we weren't going to see her (and Lady Bug), again, but then Mary said, "Ladybug and I are going to bring Jack's dish and tie out over." So, they did get to say good-bye after all. Mary promised to let us know what the doctor says about her hip. Oh, Mary, if you're reading, I forgot to tell you. Gail had a knee replaced, not her hip. DOH How does Nancy mix these things up. Anyway, Gail said that the hip is supposed to be easier than the knee. We hope you have a good time with your son.

This is the 14M ranch in different light. Lots of cows.

These are the cows that Nancy stampeded.

This one liked her.

We don't remember seeing a baby blue barn before.

Nancy took a couple of pictures of the fire jumper's planes on the way back. I know it's time to move on when she starts taking pictures of the same things, and of cows.

These are the planes that took off last night.

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