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Aug 6, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 117?

What a difference a day makes. That’s all I have to say. We started off this morning to find the road that hugs the ocean. It’s called Ocean View Drive. We drove for over 30 miles to get to the end of the road, and only then did we see ocean—with a sign that said “No Trespassing”. It turns out the beach belongs to Indians. Well, whoever dreamed that name up had a good imagination.

We turned around and came back, deciding to investigate Aberdeen and maybe back track to Astoria. This is as depressed as the area in Memphis was—maybe worse. According to the web, the median salary per household is less than 30K, so no wonder the area is so depressed. We feel sorry for the poor souls.

We hit rain for the first time in we can’t remember when. So, Nancy decided she should find a Walmart and get some plastic sheeting for my couch and her bed since I use both. She covered my couch with a sheet that matches hers. We had a heck of a time finding Walmart because of detours. Nancy asked someone what was going on and they said that they closed the bridge going to Aberdeen because an inspection showed that it was too dangerous for use. That’s the bridge we came over on, yesterday. They have two bridges, both are one way. So, while they fix the one bridge, they’ve made the other bridge two way—the bridges are the same age and condition in appearance. Hmmm.

As if things couldn’t get worse, Nancy can’t find her north face hoodie sweatshirt, and it will be in the 40s in Idaho.

I’m using my Verizon broadband to post this. It makes Nancy furious when a campground tells her they have wifi, and then she gets there and nada. There are a lot of permanent residents in this campground. The bathrooms and grounds are clean, so it’s tolerable. There are no state parks in this area, and the ones south on the way up were full.

Route will change again, I’m sure. Probably toward the cascades. Nancy is not happy.

Blogger is not permitting picture posting. It picked a good day as we only took three, today.

Who do you think painted their house first?


  1. eeek! I still haven't recovered from yesterday's bridge pictures, now you say the bridge was unsafe?!? OMG come on home Nancy, we'll take you to lunch-and no bridges, safe or otherwise.

  2. Miss Gail, it was a different bridge that wasn't safe. It was lower so would have been a shorter fall. :-)


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