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Apr 5, 2010

Where is Jack, Today?

Still home getting ready. My human is trying to make up for lost time by running around like a chicken without her head, today.
I think her main ambition in life is to mortify me. It all started in Charleston. Some young guy threw a ball (that wasn't any good any more) WAY out in the lake. I thought it was for me, so I did what comes naturally!
I swam a long way to get the ball, and when I turned around, she was starting to take her shoes off--she was going to save me. Oh, no, I thought, I'm a Lab--humans don't save Labs from the water!!! All the other dogs are watching!!! Well, I told her off when I got back to shore!
I thought she had forgotten, but no such luck. The end result came, today. She decided that she needed a handle on me and I needed a life preserver. GAWD, what Lab wears a life preserver--bright green, no less. At first I objected, but she let me know there was no way out--just like cleaning my ears.
This may be the last time we talk before we leave on April 11. My human is excited, but she's nervous, too. Having lunch with some of her best buds on Saturday and dinner with her daughter on the weekend should help to calm her nerves. Then, off we'll go! She'll probably take some pictures the morning we leave. She doesn't want my sister to be there because she knows they'll cry. Geez...girls. My human told me some good news last night. We can go the scenic route the way we planned. Tennessee, here we come!


  1. Don't tell Jack, but green is NOT his color, but at least you didn't put him in pink! Wait till he figures out it is you that should be wearing the lifejacket for when you try to save him! He'll tell you off again.

  2. I don't suppose you noticed who's writing this blog, Mrs. S. I'll be doing the saving. Once I got used to the color, I think I look pretty good in green, but you're right I'm glad she was kind enough NOT to get pink!!!


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