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Apr 21, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 10?

We have had a busy morning so far.  We were up early for our walk.  Nancy did some cleaning in preparation for our departure, tomorrow.  We went to the grocery store, the post office, and gassed up the truck.  We made reservations at Cloud 9 Campground in Hot Springs.  Taking the back roads, it's about a 3-1/2 hour drive.  Weather looks okay to go.

It's going to be hot out, today, so we're in the camper with the air on.  Nancy's neck and shoulder hurt from waxing the camper the other day.  It always hurts the 2nd day after overdoing.  Well, it's time for my nap.

This afternoon, Nancy read and I relaxed while watching the river traffic.

In one of the photos, you can see Memphis.  We're filling the tanks, tonight, so it won't take as long to empty them tomorrow and we had three loads of wash to do; well, not legitimate loads--the rags, a sweatshirt and towel, and clothes from the last couple of days.  Nancy figured we'd start out clean for the next leg of our trip.  That leaves a shower for Nancy and hooking up as the only things left to do in the morning.  So, I'll bid you all a good night.

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