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Apr 19, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 8

It started to drizzle on our long early morning walk, but it's supposed to clear in a little while.  When we came back, I stretched out for another nap and slept soundly for a few hours.

Today we have to go to Walmart to pick up a "black hose" that's green.  Nancy knows what that means, I guess. ::shrug::

We got some good news this morning.  Bailey will be in NM.  What fun!  I've been on such good behavior, but it will be really hard to look good with Bailey around.  I've been walking so nicely that people think I'm heeling--a man asked last night if I was an assistance dog!!!  I thought Nancy was going to roll on the ground, laughing.  Wow!

On our morning and evening walks, we walk fast for a long time. I don't have a chance to stop and smell or pull.  On our fun walks I'm allowed to pretty much relax and smell the "roses" (so to speak).

Nancy has us so well protected that I should feel very safe, but after yesterday's incident, I never know what the day's surprises hold for me.

We still have no close neighbors, but we kinda like that

The river gets lower every day, and there don't seem to be as many barges, today.  During the night I heard some.  Nancy leaves the shades that face the river, up, and the lights are pretty when they go by.

Sis Susie mailed the package off to us this morning.  She's so good to us, and we miss her a lot.  It'll be here on Wednesday, so we'll be on our way on Thursday, the 22nd.

Hopefully, then my blog will be a little more interesting.  This is just not a place to explore once out of the RV unless we go some distance and I can only bore you with so many pictures of barges.

We have so many gadgets to keep us safe.  Nancy tried out the weather radio, today.  It works on solar power and also has a wind up crank that works really well.  It receives Weather Band, has a USB cell phone charger, a flashlight, and a headphone jack.  It's tiny enough for her to carry in her bag so can go everywhere with us.  Boy, are we prepared!!!  That is as long as Nancy doesn't try to shoot an assailant with the radio, taze me when she's listening to the weather, or drop the locator under the truck wheels!!!

What a difference a day makes:
All of a sudden, big MHs and 5th wheelers were coming in one after the other.  Our next door neighbor really likes me.  They asked Nancy and me to join them for a glass of wine.  She was waxing the trailer so I think she figured it was a good excuse to stop.  She got a diet coke and took me over to sit with them.  Then we went for a walk and we came back in the trailer.  I got in trouble because I didn't want to miss all the fun--I wanted to go out, again.  The screen on the door is covered because I wouldn't mean it, but I could go right through the screen if I wanted to.  Well, that's all for tonight.  I'm tired of watching Nancy work.