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Apr 28, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 17?

We rocked and rolled all night long. The wind blew and is still blowing very hard. It didn't bother us. In fact, it was kind of invigorating when we went out first thing this morning. I'm not sure what we're going to do, today. Maybe just stick around the park. Nancy mentioned laundry.  Drat, that means I have to stay in the trailer while she's gone. I'm getting used to it. At first I was nervous when she went to shower every day, but she would always say the same thing she used to say to Lizzie and me when she left. "Be good kids, I'll be back." As long as she says that, I'm okay, and I don't mind staying in the truck, either. When it hits 70 degrees, she puts that nice fan she got on and cracks the windows so it stays very comfortable.

The office has a Kokopelli that she's thinking of getting to hang on the wall in the trailer. Yesterday, she did a dumb thing--went to WalMart, saw a movie she knew she wanted, and just discovered when she went to put it away, this morning, that it wasn't in the bag. She did get her screen cleaner, though, and it made the computer screen so much better.

Well, what I've written so far sure isn't exciting, but we could do with some days without excitement. Susan called this morning. I miss her so much. Nancy keeps saying, "Just hold on, we're going to see her pretty soon. First, though, we're going to camp with Princess, Tucker, Wilson, and Teddy.

Things have gotten exciting here. The wind is now blowing at about 65 miles per hour with gusts up to 80 according to the owner. We actually saw the trailer lift up off the ground on one side! Nancy said, "Don't worry. We can only fall about 3 feet."

Nancy got instructions regarding how to solve her license problem, but it requires two forms, one notorized, an eye examination and a form filled out by an eye doctor--they won't accept the one from March and the doctor's office wasn't too excited about filling it out, anyway. They don't have a notary, which is hard to believe. The trailer is rocking very badly--we're out of here for a while--it will be safer in the truck.

We're back. First we went to Office Depot to get the documents printed. Then, Nancy sat in the car and filled out what she could, and off we went to Walmart for an eye exam. Dead end. Doc won't be in for two days. Bummer--thought maybe she could get it all done, today.

We've heard different reports as to how hard the wind is blowing--all the way up to gusts of 80 miles per hour.  Nancy wanted something from the back of the truck but didn't dare open it--I could just visualize the next crisis being the cover flying over the fields and killing a cow. I just hope I can keep her out of the clinker on this trip.

We planned to leave on Friday, but if the wind doesn't improve, it will be a no-go.  Who would have thought when Nancy, Rich, and Lizzie were here over night in 2001 that we'd be here for all this time.

When we got back, we went out to play ball. This morning I chased a rabbit--man, those things can run fast! Then, there was some other little creature that ran in front of me--I was just about to catch him when he disappeared--right in front of my eyes. He went down into the ground! I looked at Nancy to see if she knew what happened and she just shrugged her shoulders and laughed.  Well, I'd rather catch the ball, any way. I was out of practice at first, but I can still catch pretty good. I think I have a little harder time seeing the ball plus the wind takes it in different directions.

I think that's probably this day's news. Nancy wants to do  laundry, but whether or not she'll leave me rockin' and rollin' in the trailer is a big question. I bet she'll take the truck and stay in it with me and read a book.

I just saw where Nevada is having similar type winds. They close the road between Reno and Carson City when the wind gets too high. Strange, as windy as it is, it's warm wind, and there's sand all over everything. I don't know how it's getting in the trailer, but it is.

And, after a day of wind that roared and whistled enough to drive one to madness, it's peaceful and the sun has set on Amarillo, Texas.


  1. I can't believe you have wind again! Are you sure you are Nancy and Jack...not Dorothy and Toto??

    Staying put one more day isn't a bad idea. Find an eye doctor and camera shop. Look for a Lens Crafters or one of those places, they all have eye doctors for walk ins.

    Hope you have a quiet night!

  2. Gads, I hadn't proofed the post, yet, when you read it. I tend to word substitute. The road closes between Reno and Carson City NOT Nevada.

    The wind finally calmed down and there was a beautiful sunset. The temp is very pleasant, now. The trailer never stopped rocking all night and all day.

    Nancy would be an "old" Dorothy and I would have trouble fitting in the basket.


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