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Apr 13, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 2?

We took a nice long walk before bedtime, then came in and watched a movie.  It was very quiet and dark.  We slept very well last night.  It got cool, but not cool enough for a heater.

Today, we’re going to decide where we are going next.  Nancy has to get the maps and books out and figure it out.  We are thinking about Savannah, TN, but we just don’t know, yet. 

We’re posting from a McDonald’s Parking Lot.  Tomorrow we’re going west to “David” Crocket State Park.  Looks like a nice area.  We’re probably going to take a ride to see Pickwick Dam, too.  I may add to this, later, but we want to get out of here and go do some fun stuff.
We took a great walk at 6:15 a.m. this morning.  The trails are great around here.  Then we took another one late morning.  Here's some of what we saw.  We'll have other pictures of where we've been, later.

After spending some time in the McDonald’s parking lot, Nancy decided to try to find the dam that she had read about.  That evolved into finding me a really neat place to swim.  There was a neat little stream running along the road we were on—looked ideal, only it was private property and there was a fence and no place to park.  Soon, though, we found the dam and what looked like THE place.  Nancy hesitated and looked around—there was a lot of evidence that it was a favorite fishing spot—that meant hooks!  Then, we rounded a bend, and there it was!  A great big sign over the most beautiful water that said, “Dangerous Waters Violent Surges Occur Suddenly Keep Out”.  Drat.  No swimming for me, today.  To make up for it, Nancy drove back to the campground and we went for a long walk in the woods and I was able to run off leash smelling all the glorious smells that I never find in my own back yard.  I’m a happy boy.


  1. That's a bridge that I could walk across, but I wouldn't do those stairs, they don't have a handrail! I can visualize Paul at the top of the incline to the bridge, with his walker taking off downhill, he'd have more than a wrist cast. Pretty scenery, and it was good to talk to you on the phone.

  2. Nice pictures Jack. Keep em coming. Molly and Jazz are jealous of your trip, but they are anxious for your posts so I can read them to them.

  3. Joanne and I are in her condo checking out your blog. Glad you are on your way. Be safe and know we will be keeping an eye on you.

  4. Thanks, everyone. Wait until you hear where we are, tonight!!! Gail, we went up those stairs a lot of times. Oddly enough, Nancy was telling me pull? What's up with that?

    Molly and Jazz, I sure wish you were with me and Nancy wishes you were here, Teresa. It's just Nancy and me--no other dogs like usual. All the humans like me, though--they say I'm a handsome boy.

    Barbara and Joanne, hail!!! Thanks for following our blog. We're being careful, but we're very tired, tonight. Nancy sends her love to everyone.


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